Posted by: lovediaries | March 21, 2009

090320 Super Junior on Music Bank


Sorry Sorry – The lighting is still annoying AND THE CAMERAMAN DIDN’T CAPTURE DONGHAE’S CROTCH GRAB OMG. What a waste T__T. But he did show choreography from different angles so that sorta makes up for it, I guess. Another great performance as usual :). Hyuk is wearing his strange pants again, though BUT BUT BUT he has new moves for his solo :DDD. The camera seemed to love Siwon near the end and ahaha you can see his full :O expression.

Ending – D’aww, they’re so cute, harassing the MC’s XD.


  1. It’s so sweet of them to do that for Kibum~ :3 Lol Chul♥

    • I hope Kibum somehow saw :)

  2. lol awww heechul♥ i hope kibum’s mom gets better, we miss him so much (:

    yeah hyuk is like wearing shorts with like leggings underneath but then hes got cool moves :P ugh does the camera not like donghae’s waist down? like seriously the camera only shows his face and body and not his waist down.

    aww they’re so cute. lol when the mcs were like up front, they all gathered around LOL AT SHINDONG’S FACE. he was like so serious :D

    • Maybe cause Donghae’s face is so gorgeous that he couldn’t turn the camera away? XD

  3. Why did davichi win?! TT_TT SuJu should’ve won.

    Why do they seem so few in the waiting room? xD And poor KyuHyunnie, he had to lift his head so he would be seen. :))

    • Aw, I’m sure SJ will get their chance. Soon! I hope :/. They’d better >:(.

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