Posted by: lovediaries | March 21, 2009

090321 Music Core

Videos uploaded by CodeAnalysis; all in HD! Lots of great performances to watch :D.

2am: A Friend’s Confession

8eight: Without a Heart – This song is so sad :(, but t’was a beautiful performance ♥

Davichi: 8282

Fly to the Sky: Restriction

Kara: Honey

Super Junior: Sorry Sorry – THEY’RE IN WHITE SUITS *____*. Just when I was thinking they were starting to recycle outfits (like with their Music Bank performance), they come out with new ones. Omg, they all look SO good. I reeeally like Hyuk’s outfit. aldkfjasdljf why is he so sexy!? And ugh, I love Kyu in little bowties *__*. (I think I like bowties more than ties now D:)

Can someone tell me what ELF are chanting? At first I thought they were going “Sungmin! Sungmin! Sungmin!” but they can’t be that biased ahahha so then I figured they were shouting “Sorry”, yes? At the end, I hear them go “Sorry x 1000, SHU-PER JU-NI-OR” :D.

And ooh, I saw that in the dandandaan part, Kangin actually goes out to the side and does his own little thing first~ I love that Hae is always so pleased with himself for causing fans to go all ALJFALKJFLAKJFA with his crotch-grab XD. Suju really need to release a dance version of their MV so that we can see every single thing that happens in their dance.


  1. Ryeowook… just isn’t a good dancer. ^^; ELF is chanting “Sorry”, not “sungmin” XD

    • Ahahahah yes, I realised XDDD.

      • I agree with the Dance version!

        Is it me, or did Jungsoo sway the wrong way before they did that dandandan part?

        • Um…I…don’t remember. (Did you want me to reload the HD version and check for you?)

          • No, you don’t have to watch it again XD; It may just be actually part of the choreography.

            • I think so too. Because every time it’s the dandandan part, I always noticed something odd with Teuk’s movement. Maybe that’s what you mean :/

  2. White suits!!! The lighting was so much better than Music Bank’s. I really like Eunhyuk’s outfit. He looks sooooooo good in black. I still laugh every time Heechul appears cause I think about his little hair fiasco. Oh Heechul <3.

    • Yeah, the lighting from last week was better on Music Core too :D. HAHAHA I laugh every time Heechul appears too..cause of his singing voice XD.

  3. lol ur so biased when it comes to suju, there’s like no recap of the others but u have a huge recap for suju :D

    omg i love 8eight. they’re really good and i love their rapper. haha ppl were complaining how she breathes too hard. :P

    awww i feel bad to know that this is ftts’s last album ): theyy sing so well though :]

    okay since ur doing a huge review of suju, ill try my best with it too (:
    rawr in the beginning the fans were chanting something and it got annoying becuz i wanted to listenn to the song not their whiny chants, plus i dont even know what they said i love the decoration though, especially their super junior sign, really helps foreigners and stufff :D lol kangin just steps out and does his thing and fans start hollering :D haha that was cute. damnnn donghae was cutee lol his hair was like sticking up but it was hot still :P haha i love it hahaha i wish i got front row seats :D gosh i love the part where shindong is in front with his shades and then they do some fancy footwork and the girls scream :D aha they look so cute :D like princes :PPP

    • AHAHAH. Well, em, maybe I didn’t actually watch every performance I linked XD. LOL and plus, there’s more to say in a performance with 13 boys than say, two.

  4. I have a crush on the guy on the right for 8eight. He looks like a mix of Whee Sung and Dae Sung with a huskier voiceXD

    lol for sorry sorry, Han Kyung still looks like a pimp/host boy,
    mr. owl (Ryeo Wook) is strutting some model walk,
    Sung Min seems like hes suffering from major pmsing and wants to smack someone (he looks scarier every perf lol),
    Eun Hyuk’s slick and fly, Dong Hae seems the most happy and hyper intoxicated guy, and
    Shi Won still looks like some gentlemen from the 20’s.

    lol I feel messed up.

    • I thought both guys in 8eight were good loking :D.

      MR OWL ROFL. Why is he called Mr Owl?

      Yeah, Sungmin is still pmsing :P rofl.

      • lol when I didn’t know Ryeo Wook’s name, I wanted to ask my my chat friend who was into Suju about him. So I was like “Hmm…what should I name this guy?” and a owl came up to my mind XD So I was like *screen caps his pic from tic toc and puts a <- Mr. Owl*.

        But yes, the two guys are good looking. I just like Whee Sung looking guys more lol.

        • Ahhh ic. But…owl is still ^^;; haha

  5. It’s funny how this post is link link link link SUPER JUNIOR SPAZZ! xD

    I find it hard to believe how Davichi wins like every award show… O.o
    Especially since SuJu’s back.

    Has anyone noticed that putting RyeoWook and SungMin in the refrain (I think that’s what it is) is kinda.. well.. no offense to them.. but.. gay? xD
    Putting the two LEAST masculine guys in the same part where they take turns kinda ends up.. er… yeah. lol. It’s ok SungMin, we know you’re trying to be a liiiittle less gay, but Wonder Guys never really gets forgotten. xD

    Ir: “Sung Min seems like hes suffering from major pmsing and wants to smack someone (he looks scarier every perf lol)” –> Proof of his attempt at manliness… only ends up as scary faces. lol.

    No one kill me~! *runs*

    Oh, and I hate it how Kangin, Leeteuk, Hangeng, Kibum, Heechul and Shindong seem so… forgotten… I mean they’re there, yes, (except for Kibum) but do they really do much? Some of them don’t even have individual lines in both WILY and Sorry Sorry… :(

    • LOL IM SORRY! I CAN’T HELP IT. AND ROFL, I SO DID NOT THINK OF THAT. But Wook and Sungmin have such nice features. I was just staring at their noses and cheekbones rofl.

      Aw, Kangin has lines! Him, Teuk, Hankyung and Shindong each get a turn at being at the front. Heechul has an injured leg but he ends the performance with his hahaha and Kibum…is nowhere to be seen. I think they all get a fair share ^^;;

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