Posted by: lovediaries | March 21, 2009

DBSK “The Secret Code” Album Scans

I really need to go study like NOW but alkjsdflksdls falling behind in DBSK fandom and I just saw these up on LJ so here they are :).

{credit: IchigoJJ & TVXQFever}

My favourite shot is Jae’s solo close up one. I really like the way the colours look – his hair, and skin tone (XD) and shirts :). And I know they’re probably trying to look charismatic and manly but I wish they smiled a bit more. The pictures are sort of depressing me ^^;;.

The shoot reminds me a lot of “T” though. I think it’s cause of the dark clothes and the set. Last time it was some parking lot and now it looks like a warehouse :/. I guess pretty scenery is reserved for their photobooks, eh? ^^. I think this is another reason why I prefer their Korean works over their Japanese ones – their Korean albums are often more creative with “concepts”.




    • Are you gonna go out and buy HIS shirt now? :P

      • Pft, you’re just jealous of my Hyunjoong shirt xP

        It’s actually a really nice shirt; you can wear it by itself, over a t-shirt/tank and with jeans OR shorts :D! SEE, SO PRACTICAL.

        …Besides, I already have a green version of JJ’s shirt (the siwon one, remember?) And to anyone else who’s reading this, I AM NOT SAD, I bought the shirt BEFORE he wore it in the mv (:O i should probably add that I’m not a guy cos the shirts i bought are for girls

        • Well if they’re girl shirts then they’re technically not HJ/JJ/SW’s shirts :P

          It’s okay, we have Lee Minho shoes, remember?? Same colour too :DDD.

          • Omg readers are going to think we have no lives O_O

            But technically, Lee minho copied US, cos we bought our shoes in January xDDDDD If i ever go to a fan signing I’ll hold up a sign saying “YOU STOLE MY SHOES D:” He’d notice that for sure :D

  2. ^ LMAO. What Lee Minho shoes are you talking about?

    The pictures look amazing (When do they not?) And seriously, how can JJ look so beautiful in that close up? O________________O

    • Lee Minho’s red Chucks :D Damn I didn’t save a picture of him wearing them :/ Maybe Candy-face has one…

    • Yes, red chucks :D. He was at the airport I think and PAS and I were very excited to see him wearing our shoes :DDD.

  3. I like Jae’s close up the most too. Maybe that’s cause I have a thing for flannel shirts :D. This does kind of look depressing xD. I actually like their hair/clothes more in their Korean performances.

    • *hi5*. I think the style in Korea can be quite “unique” at times, but definitely more interesting.

  4. lol jae looks REALLY good in plaid (: he should wear more plaid haha. lol in their closeups, junsu looks like he’s ready to kill somebody. and everyone else just looks like they really hate taking pictures :D. they need to smile, especially junsu, hes always smiling :D

    • LOL OMG Junsu does look threatening!

  5. Changmin!
    k so I first thought the little white crease line was a poll and I kept thinking why are they posing with polls now, dbsk really makes me go insane but since I’m sick I’ll blame it on the tylenol

    • AHAHAHA ROFLMAO. You’re so silly XD

  6. dbsk was my first kpop love, just wanted you to know :) so thank you! and yeah, you really did help out, thank you so much! i’ve got so much work to do this weekend, but i’m going to try to mix things up on my blog when i get the time. thanks again!

    • DBSK were my first kpop love too :D.

      And I’m glad I managed to help. Hope all goes well with your blog :)♥

  7. Micky’s hair is covering his face!!
    Can’t …. see….. face……!!
    I feel like taking a hair clip and clipping up his fringe!

    The rest just look smashing!!

    • I know, but he looks sexy that way! Sort of XD

  8. 37025? lol.

    Argh~! Changminnnn your hair~!!!! It scares me. >.>

    • …really? O__O

      • Yesh. I don’t know why. lol.
        Irrational fear of Changmin’s hair!


        • I have Chunhairophobia :/

  9. Hello ^^
    Thanks for the scans, but is their any lyrics pages?

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