Posted by: lovediaries | March 21, 2009

More mapthesoul videos

Tablo rapping with fanclub names Added subbed version! HE IS A FLIPPIN’ GENIUS I SWEAR!!!! I heard VIP’s, Cassiopeia, ELF, Wonderful, Shinhwa Changjo and…that’s all ^^;;. No idea what he was actually rapping but it doesn’t matter, I just love the sound of Tablo rapping :D.

Epik High can’t dance – LOL the video title tells no lies XDDD. I loved when Tablo almost stacked it AHAHAHAHHAHAHA and then swore. And yay I have Mithra’s shoes :D…only, in a different colour ^^.

Epik High dumb & dumber freestyle – I want the shirt Tablo was wearing, but they cost like HK$700-800 T___T. Again, no idea what they were rapping about (I think I heard them say SNSD? and then they were rapping about the Simpsons? ROFL), but they’re amusing nonetheless. Especially when Tukutz got booed AHAHHAHA. And LOL I recognise that cameraman’s laugh!

Dance Group M&M – Mithra & MYK here. THEY ARE SUCH DORKS. I feel sorry for random passerbys who must be thinking “what the heck O.o”.

Epik High @ the studio – I’m loving all these BTS stuff. Their videos make me so happy :DDD.

And guys, be sure to check out this article! There’s info on mapthesoul as well as their upcoming album :D! Their site isn’t working for me atm but a minute ago, I saw that everything was pretty much up and ready. I shall try again later…


  1. I haven’t watched them yet but I’m sure they’re hilarious. EH is always lol-inducing if not awesomely cool. XD

    • The dancing video was the best. Tablo tried to be all cool and do a handstand maybe (?) but it looked like he pulled something or slipped AHAHAHAHAH. Omg, thinking about it makes me laugh.

  2. lol omggg tablo is a genius when it comes to just freestyling :D
    lol omg i love how they just cant dance but still try :D
    lol the rap made me laugh when they’re like UH UH UH UH, reminds me of umm love should go on from shinee.
    lol the random dance from mithra and then the lady just walks by haha
    lol i cant wait for their next album (:

    • YEAH omg that lady walking by after mithra’s little lajflsdjkljf was so funny XDDD.

  3. random but, what is the brand of tablo’s shirt that you wanted? i see those funny eyes on a heart clothes everywhere!

    • PLAY? With an upside down heart with eyes for the A? I actually don’t know the brandname rofl but it’s Korean !

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