Posted by: beckery | March 22, 2009

090315 Super Junior Inkigayo Backstage Pics

Credit: melon; @ soompi

Backstage pictures for their Inkigayo comeback stage last week. The ones with the really cute HanChul twin picture XDDDD Just thought I’d put them up cuz the boys look REALLY cute/handsome/sexy/nervous/happy/glad/excited/sexy/handsome – oh I think I’ve said those before hahahaha. BUT OMG HYUK’S GUY LINER *___________*


  1. wookie is such an excited kid!

    • and, could those fingers not be eunhyuk’s?!


        • HAHAHA! I don’t know either because it looks like those fingers are jutting out of nowhere. but then again, donghae’s wearing white but the sleeves in eunhyuk’s photo is grey!


    I love Siwon’s crazy lookin’ fringe. And Sungmin’s fringe is yummmy. He looks so good *___*. Yesung’s necklace is interesting XD; I LOVE HIS LOW NECKLINE. And T__T, Heechul’s hand looks more feminine than mine. I like his ring though. Lol at Teukie poking his head out behind Hae. Hahaa, you can see Hyuk’s eyeliner being applied behind the HanChul photo.

    I love these photos so much. SUJU <33333!
    Sorry for sounding overly spazzy; I’m having a great time procrastinating and not doing my work x).

    • ROFLMAO AT EVERYTHING YOU SAID XDDDDDDDDDD Omg you are so observative, I didnt even see the Hyuk thing going on behind Hanchul hahaha. But yes yes everyone looks so good, loving all their closeups and such..

      AND OMG PLEASE SPAZZ MORE AND PROCASTINATE MORE!! It makes me feel less guilty for procastinating haha

  3. Siwon’s fringe makes me laugh~~


    • LOL. No comment =P

  4. Hyukmin and Hanchul breaks my heart…

    … but nothing breaks my heart more than Hanchul’s ugly hair. u____u

    Donghee is looking AWESOME. Like, he’s some kind of coooooool bodyguard from space *O* I want a bodyguard like that~~~~♥

    • Why does Hanchul break your heart?!?! They’re like one of my top couples <33

      ROFL at your hair comment. Well…I have nothing to say for Heechul cuz I DONT KNOW WHY HE WENT AND CUT HIS HAIR LIKE THAT!!! Im getting use to Hankyungs, he doesnt look as bad in it hahahah XD

      I’d have Eunhyuk as my bodyguard anyday haha <3

      • I ship SiHan KiChul heehee ^^;

        I can get used to Geng’s but seriously, Chul, WHYYYYY. That’s probably one of the worst haircuts he’s ever had in his career. -o-;

        Actually most of them look like bodyguards from space. Especially Chul, with that alien haircut. (okay, i’m sorry, i can’t get over it!)

        • OHHH Now that makes more sense. LOL. I dont mind some SiHan, but HanChul makes me coo. Alot. XD They’re just so cute together, with Hankyung be so Korean faily and Heechul just being faily all the time LOOOOL <33333

          Bodyguards from space ey…Well Heechul kinda does look like a martian hahahah.

  5. HanChul!!!!! Probably my favorite couple :D.

    Yes! Ryeowook looks like a little boy there! He is so adorable. And Hyuk with guyliner. He looks amazingly hot with it.

    • Mmmm….Nothing beats EunHae (♥) out of my suju pairings, but HanChul is a very up there as well XDD

      Wook is such a cutie. Always was, always will be. I will LMAO for eternity if they make him do Sungmin’s Roar faces HAHAHAHAH XDDD And zomg Hyuk in guyliner makes me drool!!!

  6. Aw Sungmin is so cute sans fierce! face. They all look so happy and Kyu looks healthy and…why did I ever think Eunhyuk was ugly?! *dodges unused fangirl textbooks* He definitely battles Kyu and Wookie for the title Mr. La Flor. XD

    • OMG WHAT WAS THAT YOU SAID ABOUT EUNHYUK!?!?!? >:@ You thought MY HUBBY WAS UGLY!?!?! How could you, I’m never ever talking to you again hmph…. hahahaha. But really? He’s so cute and adorable and attractive when dancing though. Ugly and Hyuk does not go in the same sentence to me XDDDDDDDDDD

  7. lol they’re so cute :D haha hyuk’s eyeliner is cool, it looks awesome. omgg heechul’s shades are awesome but his hair makes him look old but its better than his other hair (:

    • Hyuk looks darn hot in guyliner *___* ROFL. I dont really like Heechul’s hair, but I’m sure he’s had worst so its ok. We’ll get to use to it soon XD

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