Posted by: beckery | March 22, 2009

090322 Inkigayo

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Gotta love the boys in white, but gotta hate Eunhyuk’s bottom part. It looks like he took a page out of GD’s fashion book T__T I think I’ll choose Donghae or Hankyung for best clothes this time XD

LOL at Sungmin’s uneven jacket and ROFL forever at Sungmin’s facial expressions. I still cant get over them! Its a mix of “omg yummm” *__* and “HAHAHAHA, ITS PINK BOY DOING ROAR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS” ^___^

I really, REALLY love Inkigayo’s camerman and lighting man. (Seriously can not stand those crazy blinking lights at Music Bank =_=) You can actually see Sungmin’s solo dance part during the “dun dun dun” and its pretty neat yea?! BUT OMG WHY NO CROTCH GRAB DONGHAE!! Was totally waiting for it. Omg omg omg did Hyuk do a hip thrust during his solo?!!? I think the cameraman only managed to capture a bit of it :(((((((( If you only wanna watch one Sorry Sorry performance a week, I’d recommend you only watch Inkigayo’s. Much better camera work! However, I dont think I’m going to be sick of their performances or this song any time soon, so I’m gonna watch them all hahaha XDDDDD

FTTS – Restriction Same goes with this song. I still love it and their album so darn much. One of my top albums of the year, for sure. Though, I really hope they’d start promoting their next track soon. *fingers cross for Hiding Game or Close to you* PLEASE. I want live performances of “Hiding Game” so so bad. Omg, Hwanhee’s high notes are so crazy *___*

Kim Kyung Rok ft Sori – 사랑쟁이 Omg this is so cute! They should get married hehe. I totally forgot how good looking Kyung Rok is ♥_♥ Oh and how lovely his voice is ♥_♥ x 1000000000. Btw, I really really liked his solo album, “People and people”. You guys should give it a try XD

Davichi – 8282 Well deserved win! I’m happy that they won the Popular Song award, totally deserved it :D I flippin’ love this song. Its funny cuz when I first heard it, I was all :SS It felt really weird how the chorus was all fast and the rest of the song was ballad like. But after a few listens, I was hooked. Their lives are amazing! <3


  1. HAHAHA. I was waiting for that crotch grab too XDDDD. Hyuk’s pants would be fine if it weren’t for the white boots or whatever he’s wearing. And I LOL’ed at how Heechul holds his mic. He is such a special boy :D.

    I love the stage and the lighting at Inkigayo.

    • Those arent white boots darling, they’re knee high socks…in white…under his pants…with huge shoes…*headsdesk* OH HYUKJAE WHYYYYYYY!!! I wonder why Hae didnt do the crotch grab, did he hurt himself from yesterday’s? LOL. And yes, yes, Heechul is always..unique hahahahaha. XDDDdd

  2. I rofl & agree at your descriptions of sungminnie’s “roar” faces :]….and what happened to donghae’s grab?? my day just got a little sadder :[…. no comment on hyuk’s pants :& maybe donghae should choose hyuk’s clothing from now on instead of his stylist :p

    oh and am I the only one who can’t get on soompi?? v. v. frustrated with it!


    • Hmm I didn’t have a problem getting on Soompi? Maybe they were having their daily maintenance thing? I hope you can get on now XDD

      I wanted the grab crotch cuz I always find it so awkward yet sexy lol. But Hyuk’s partial hip thrust sorta made up to it. Gotta wait another week for their music performances, bummer :(

  3. lol yes Sung Min’s pmsing expressions, it upgraded like crazyXD
    Yes, I was like omg the crotch grab, where are you T___T lol. Hae seems so happy though :D.

    I love Davichi’s new song. It’s a nice mixture of ballad and pop. Min Kyung’s such a pretty and talented girl<3

    • ROFL “pmsing expressions” HAHAHA. Thats a good one XDD Yea he went kinda hardout at this performance which made me laugh even more ROFL. I love the boy, I seriously do, but HAHA PINK BOY!!!!

      I dont know the Davichi girls rofl. I fail I know. I just know they’re awesome and they have amazing songs. XD

  4. re: the crotch grab, there KINDA is one… at 1:51 XD but it’s not like usual >.< i sound like such a perv saying that lol

    but they look soooo good on white and grey <33

    • ROFLLL. Its not intense enough for me =PP His usual crotch grab is pretty much “in your face” well in the camera’s face but you know what I mean haha. And yes yes they look hot in white <333 (Minus hyuks pants and socks =_=)

  5. lol omgg donghaeeee is ♥. hes’s so amazinggg. lol hyuk’s shorts whatever caught my attention ALOTT. its quite weird lol. lol SUNGMIN and his jacket. i think it was like tucked in and he forgot to tuck it out or something but he totally made up for it with his expressions (: lol we sound like perverts asking for crotch grabs :D

    everyone else did a great job but i dont like davinchi’s chorus :p it just doesnt match with the whole ballad thing

    • You mean its very weird rofl. I’m sorry I keep talking about his shorts and socks, but they annoy me T_T Everyone is wearing proper pants and slacks, looking all handsome in their suits and he goes and wears knee high socks *facepalm*. I still love him unconditionally though hahaha XDDD

      HAHA. I am a pervert. I shall not deny it haha. Hae’s crotch grab is one of the highlights of the whole 5 minutes ok. :D

  6. I was waiting for the crotch grab too. And then…IT NEVER CAME. LOL, do I sound perverted or what ;)? They look so mighty fine though. :D Yes, Inki definitely has the best stage and cameraman/men. But why have they stopped performing ‘Why I like you’? o.o

    • HAHA. We all sound like perverts honey, so its ok. Join the club XD I think they only performed “Why I like you” for their comebacks. Normally on music shows, they perform the track they’re promoting and in this case its their title track, Sorry Sorry. They’re not suppose to perform two songs every week haha. XDD

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