Posted by: beckery | March 22, 2009

090322 KBS Open Concert

Haven’t found the rest of the performances yet, so I’ll edit this when I find more. But just had to, had to, put this up now cuz of FTTS’s performance XD

FTTS – Restriction + As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys cover) I think I’ve cooed and gushed enough about “Restriction”, so the main point of this is their cover of “As long as you love me” haha. Seriously, who doesn’t like this song!? Its such a good old classic Backstreet Boys hit ♥♥♥♥ The audience is totally into it hahahaha. Take note of 6.30, I thought it was so cute ^^. I’m proud of Hwanhee’s engrish (he did a pretty good job XD) and I’m just $*@()UFOIUWR(* crazy over Brian’s hahaha. I love english speaking Brian, its so damn hot!





      How can you not love Backstreet Boys right?! They have a bazillion top hits up their sleeves and a bazillion of my favourites <3333333333

  2. I am sitting here in something close to shock. “Old classic”. I remember my joy when I bought debute CD of BSB. In a few days after it appeared in stores.
    But it was… just a few days ago… or not? I knew whole “Everybody” dance and I remember us, girls, dancing it in undeground station. I liked Brian and everybody liked Nick. And BSB were SO MUCH MORE than N’sync, GOSH.

    FTTS sing old classic of BSB. “As Long As You Love Me”. Wait. I know the dance with chair by heart, too.

    FTTS were good (but, remembering BSB’s concert that I was able to visit *ASKSGHSJS*, the original was better XDDDDDDD)

    • I think that the BSB were actually my first official boy band. They’re awesome. ALways were, always will be. I like Nsync too haha but I think BSB still pawned <333 My favourite song from them would probably be The Call. Actually, I dont know. There’s heaps XD

      Man, you sound like a huge BSB fan hey. Thats so sweet *coos at you* AND YOU GOT TO GO TO THEIR CONCERT?!?! JORIUWIORWEUR

      Yea nothing beats the original for sure!

      • “Man, you sound like a huge BSB fan hey. Thats so sweet” – that’s not sweet, that pathetic but, unfortunately, true.
        BSB visited St. Petersburg during their recent concert tour, the four of them. They were amazing. People were singing all songs with them. They were SDGMNNMMM Very Good Singing Live And Dancing. There were like 6 or 7 of us, gir… young women, we all loved them since our childhood and after concert we all cried and got drunk.
        That was when I knew what “bittersweet” means.
        I don’t remember for 100% but I think EAST 17 and Take That were my first boybands. And I was not into N’SYNC b/c I did not (and still do not) like JT’s voice (but I agree that he is very good performer).
        Also, I was hardcore Hanson fan. My love for FTI has ancient history XDDDDDD

    guuh i love the backstreet boys…and i love FTTS so this is like
    love + love = asdfghjklkjhgfs *one spazzing me*
    and i love Brian speaking english too!! i watched all those korean learning programs on arirang just coz Brian was teaching XD~
    its nice to have flashbacks like these once in a while..
    thank you for sharing =D

    • Rofl. *spazzes with you* Yea I couldnt find other performances at this concert, but I saw FTTS perform this song and I was like “OMG MUST POST RIGHT NOW GAHHHHH”!!!!!!! So much love. Love Brian’s english. Love the song. Love everything. The audience were totally soaking it in, lucky people!!

      I listened to one of the Arirang radio show with Brian as guest and it was good. I really enjoyed listening to Brian talk english and discussing their new album. All his favourites on the album are mine too! Made me so proud rofl. <33

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