Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 22, 2009

JaeJoong Kindai May Scans

Pictures: As tagged + JJ’s Baidu

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I don’t know why he always gets solo spreads in Kindai. But I’m not complaining :)

ROFLMAO, THAT PICTURE OF HIM JUMPING IS THE FUNNIEST PICTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. He looks drunk. Or high. Or both. I bet he’s gonna look back on this photo and think “WTF?!”. IT’S SO WEIRD.

I don’t know why, but he ALWAYS has a nice jacket when he’s doing a Kindai shoot. Always.

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  1. That “jumping” photo is…. really….. wtf. o___o lulz awkward XD

    • YAY, someone agrees :D! Lol I was scared I was gonna get bricked by all the hardcore Jae fans :P

  2. Okay, kind of random but why can’t Jae just wear normal shoes in Japan? I remember being unreasonably happy to see sneakers on his feet during their Korean comeback.-.- Whatever, I’ll just look at his *face*. O.0

    • I AGREE. In Korea he has normal shoes, but then they go to Japan and BAM the boots are back :S

  3. he is so gay….weird poses

    • I love my little squishy, but yes, those poses are SO WEIRD/lame.

  4. LOL at his face on the jump :DDD omg he looks like he’s in pain (:

    • I bet one of the boys blackmailed him into doing that pose :P

  5. and lol at “do what u like…”

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