Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 22, 2009

JaeMinSu JJ Magazine Scans

Pictures: Jae’s + Baidu

If you can read Chinese, the pictures all have Chinese translations on them

Image Hosted by

Yea there was no bias involved when choosing which picture to embed (:O Actually I just chose that one cos I found it really really funny. I know they’re making it look like he’s choosing clothes for a girl, but to me it seems like he’s choosing a dress for himself XD. You can just see him thinking “Hmmmmm, which one of these brings out the colour of my eyes *_*”

JaeMinSu got a page each (not sure what happened to 2U…) but the fans who scanned the pictures scanned the page, and then did an enlargement of the corner picture of each page :) My favourite is the embedded picture, but Changmin looks very grown up in his little racing car, and Junsu’s pic with the heart shaped pizza makes me want to coo at him and steal his pizza

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  1. *steals Xiah and his pizza* ^^

  2. what happened to this page! why is everything struck out?

    • It looks fine on my computer? Maybe try refreshing the page…

      • oopsie, maybe my computer’s getting old, or perhaps it’s all the super junior stuff making my com go haywire!

        • and yes, it’s normal now after i refreshed it three times!

  3. Such a delicate way Junsu’s eating the pizza.

    I dont think I can do that to pizza.


    • Yea, I’d be devouring it like I hadn’t seen food in days :P

  4. I didn’t want to comment on this but I’m loling at Jae’s picture because that didn’t really look right. XDDD

    • Hahahahahahha he looks so gay He’s my no.1/2 in all of fandom, but omg talk about awkward pose XD

  5. jeebus christ so many dbsk scans! oh and I was jumping out of my seat when I saw this

    DBSK on wgm, wah, hyungdon is such a fanboy, and he totally fits the manager image

    • Lol I’m so behind on wgm. I haven’t watched ANY of the snsd cuts XDDDD. And I think i’ve seen…2 eps of Kangin’s cuts XD

      Thank you for the link :DD

  6. lol at first i thought someone drove changmin (: but then i realized their passenger side is different haha :p lol junsu’s pizza reminds me of his curry chocolate that he made lol (:

    • Omg his curry chocolate ^_______________^;;

      It’s so ironic that he’s holding pizza. Cos his family owns a pizza shop XD.

  7. YAAAY to the fact i can read chinese muaahaha
    SEXY JAEJOONG WAAAH but looool at him posing with shirts though. that’s a really odd concept: “both shirts suit you well but i like this one the most” o.O

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