Posted by: beckery | March 23, 2009

090321 Star Golden Bell-Super Junior Subbed Cuts

Thanks to everlastingsubs @ youtube for subbing and uploading! Its Siwon, Hankyung, Eeteuk and Yesung in this episode.

Smiles + Sunbae-Hoobae Relationships *swoons* They had to smile for the camera and omg can Siwon get any hotter!! Best part was Hankyung’s though. He looked all suave smiling then the MC (Jaedong I assume) goes “I love you smile, I love you smile” and you can see Hankyung’s face slowly form into a HUGE question mark. He’s all “EHHH???????” ITS SO FUNNY AND CUTE HAHA. Oh my awesome fail-y boy, how I have missed you XDD Teuk’s smile and shoulder shrug was adorable x 100000 and Yesung’s angel pose was cute x 100000 ^_^ Then they talk about which Suju member treats male hoobaes and female hoobaes differently. Personally, if I had to answer that question, I would say all of them hahhahhaha but Siwon exclaims its Yesung lol :D

Backstage/Onstage Attitude + Sorry Sorry Siwon talks heaps load here haha. He must miss Korean variety shows alot! MC asks which members act different onstage and backstage and Siwon says its Leadershii. Apparently, when backstage and in waiting rooms, Teuk acts like a “cool older brother” but when he comes on stage, he’s “extremely cute” HAHAHA. I mean sure, I’ve seen Teuk act all mature and leaderish once or twice sometimes but most of the time, that boy spells “immature” and “fail” to me XDDDDD I say that out of total love ok haha. Then they talk about how popular Suju is in China and they ask Geng if they are popular. He pretty much takes up 15 seconds to stutter out a “yes” HAHAHA YOU ARE SO COOL!! Loved his smile when he bumped into Teuk during the Sorry Sorry dance part <3333

Blood Type + Personality ROFL where has that girl been living. When Jaedong says Siwon, she didnt know which guy was him HAHA. But its ok cuz then she realises how hot he is and goes all *______* MC asks Siwon which member has a unusual personality. I would expect Heechul to be the answer, but Yesung is a good one too lol. He’s suppose to explain why but all he says is that Yesung is unique and proceeds to say “Eeteuk can give you a description” HAHAHAHA. Smart boy! They then talk about his blood type which is B, meaning he’s an honest person? I still dont get the whole Korean blood type thing but whatever, Siwon is flippin’ hot here XDDDD


  1. lol isnt siwon like flipping hot everywhere -.- u dont even need to say he’s hot, he just is (:

    lol i loveee hankyungg in glasses, he looks so hot in them :] haha he’s not a native to korean and its cute.

    lol i can totally imagine teuk being both cool and cute haha. i love how siwon is like so honest :D haha hankyung and all thinking about how to say yes :p.

    lol haha i guess siwon doesnt like talking bad about his members :DDDD. lol teuk’s all like wow i cant believe u’d betray me like that. ahaha at first i did think yesung was a little bit unique too haha :pp

    • Lol. Yea well I havent had a proper look at Siwon after their comeback so watching all these made me realise HOW EFFIN HOT THE GUY IS. MARRY ME NOW SIWONNIIEEEEEE <333333333

      Hankyung looks good in glasses, but he looks so nerdy and dorky in the glasses + hair haha. But hey he really is dorky when it comes to korean XD Love the guy’s fail!

      I loved Teuk’s facial expressions when Siwon is talking about him and then later when Siwon goes “ask eeteuk” about yesung. ROFL. Priceless. Nothing beats Geng’s expressions here though. Such a cute dork!

  2. Aww Hannie’s Korean reminds me of the Full House days. Like I don’t speak Korean or Chinese and I can hear the heavy accent. :*)
    I wish Leeteuk was my cool older brother. But then he’d still be smokin’ hot and it would get awkward, possibly illegal….
    Lol Yesung’s “uniqueness” is cool but no one beats out Heechul and Siwon knows that. Oh, did I mention how he needs to have my babies immediately? We’ll make beautiful little good children.*desperate*

    • I know :(( I miss Full House days. Lol. Geng’s fail-y Korean. The boy’s fail-y English and all the other crack they bring rofl! Um yea, I think incest is illegal everywhere in the world =P LOL. But hey I really wouldn’t mind having him as an older brother. He can make Hyuk date me MUAHAHAH XDDD

      Who’s babies do you want? Yesungs? Heechul’s? Or Siwon’s? Cuz Siwon is kinda moi. Sorry haha.

      • Ah, poor delusional girl…Siwon’s future angel children are mine and mine alone. XD
        And I actually would want Donghae as an older borther. He’s so sweet to his dongsaengs. Kyu through Siwon all have mancrushes on him for real.

  3. I’m hoping someone will sub the full episode of this; SGB never fails to amuse me x). And it’s nice to have people I actually know on the show too my knowledge of K-celebs isn’t very broad.

    • I’m sure some dear angel will sub it. SGB is always interesting to watch. Lol. I actually dont know most the ppl on the show but I love MC Jaedong so its all good. He’s crack himself XD



  5. and i thought his Korean couldn’t get any worse…xD He seems to get more fail-y every time i see him on a K-variety show >.<
    Siwon is so HOT i’ve completely stopped talking about it, every time i try to explain how hot he is i end up with a massive headache..
    I hope SuJu goes on like 2367887654345678 more shows, they are their faily-est on variety shows =D

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