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Utada – This is the One Album Review

Been meaning to do this post up since some time last week, but never got around to it. Since I’m procastinating atm, I decided to do it now haha. So I know this is sorta random, since we’re mainly a Kpop boy band orientated blog. However, this album must be pimped. Seriously. It is so much love, it will most likely end up on my favourite albums of the year list XDD

I’ve always liked Utada. True talent is hard. Brains, voice and looks all rolled into one is even harder to get and this girl has got it all ♥♥ “This is the One” is her second english album. Most of the songs go under RnB and Jam, which is probably why an RnB fan like myself love it so darn much. Big bonus is her english is pretty much perfect and well, her voice has always been beautiful lol <3.

Japanese release date was 14th March. US release date is 24th March (Digital) and 12th May (Physical). Grab yourself a copy here.

1. On and On Good song to start a good album. Pop/RnB genre. Although, it’s the typical mainstream, westernised style song, I still really like it. The repetitive use of “on and on” makes it crazily addictive. I especially love the part “Intoxicated, emancipated, unapologetic”. XD

2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Definitely my favourite song from the whole album!!!! Probably even my favourite from her apart from “Flavour of Life”. She sampled Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” piano theme (or you probably know it by the remix called “Heart of Asia”). The theme gets played alot in Korean Variety shows so I’m sure most of you have heard it before. Its such a gorgeous theme, that I use it for my ringtone lol XD So yea, I was pretty much infatuated with this song ever since first listen. I still have no idea what the lyrics are about. Its really, really, really unique that it intrigues me. What could she possibly be saying? Is it about a prostitute? A girl that sacrifices her life for a guy? I love how the song always makes me stop and actually listen, really listen, to the lyrics and again, wonder what she’s saying. I dont care if you dont listen to any of the songs on the album, you must at least try this out. Now. I mean it.

3. Apple and Cinnamon Again, another favourite from the album. Of course it’s a RnB/Jam track.  “Chemistry like Apple and cinnamon”. That’s one awesome phrase lol. I was talking to my friend about this and he told me the song (and a few others from this album) is produced by Stargate. They’ve churned out top hits like “So Sick”, “Unfaithful” and “With You”. I’m impressed, she really bought in the top guns for this and it shows! XDDD

4. Taking My Money Back I liked the song at first, but I’m starting to lose interest with it haha. It’s still a good song, just her “oohs and aahs” are a bit too repetitive in this song though. And the beginning reminds me of another song, probably NeYo’s Miss Independent?, a tad too much.

5. This One (Crying like a child) Oh will you look at that, it’s another favourite! HAHAHA. YOU CAN’T BLAME ME OK!! It’s another RnB/Slow Jam, definitely my type of song. Love the chorus, love the emo feeling it gives, love her voice *swoons*. “How could I ever love another. How could you say you don’t remember”. My favourite part, she sounds so heartbreaking.

6. Automatic Part II Rofl. The beginning cracks me up for some reason XDDD Actually the whole song cracks me up cuz I have no idea what this song is doing in this album haha. The verses where she’s sorta talking in a sing song voice is pretty cool though.

7. Dirty Desire I didn’t like this song much at first, but it’s grown heaps on me. It’s sexual, sexy, sensual = triple S haha. All in all, a fun song to listen to. Don’t take it too seriously. Listen to the sick beat and listen to how damn sexy she sounds *__* Girl crush flaring up! Lol.

8. Poppin’ This song is more jazzy/blues genre. I don’t really like this track as much as the others. But it’s an interesting and fun song :DD

9. Come Back to Me Or Watch the MV My second favourite from the album. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Or is it my favourite? I can’t choose between this and “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI” hahaha. When I hear the other song, I say it’s my favourite, when I listen to this, I think this is. So go figure! It’s a good, soothing, RnB/Jam song. Addictive chorus, amazing vocals, gorgeous ending. What more can I say? GO LISTEN NOW. Seriously, you’re missing out!

10. Me Muero This song is so neat <3 Groovy beat, awesome lyrics. I don’t know hey, it’s really cool and unique. Good way to end a great album!


  1. Ah you posted on this ; )
    I shall listen once I find a free moment. Thanks for the insight!

    • Lol. Yea I finally got around to it XD Do give it a listen when you’re free, it’s worth every second!

  2. Thanks for the review! I really like what I’ve heard (and I’ve been completely in love with the theme songs she’s done for Jdramas. Especially “Prisoner of Love”, “Flavor of Life & “Eternally”) Her voice is amazing!

    I guess I’ll be picking this up too when I go get BoA’s album :D

    • It’s ok. I’m glad you’re liking it so far. She is totally amazing and talented. My all time favourite from her is still “Flavor of Life”. It proves again how amazing her vocals are *___* The album is quite cheap right, I’m actually considering in getting it to!

  3. Hey…I really like her.8D Her voice is nowhere near as high as I expected from a female Japanese artist. (High voices tend to put me off) I think she could do well in the US..or has she already released stuff I didn’t know about? Anyway thanks.^^

    • Ohhh you gave it a try?!?! YOU ARE AWESOME! When I did the post up, I actually didn’t expect anyone to be really interested haha. But if you actually went and gave her a try then my goal is reached XDDD I actually didn’t like her 1st english album as much as this, but if you like what you hear, you might wanna go give that a try too <333

  4. I loved the song “on and on”..I didn’t think it was extremely mainstream. I mean it has some kind of cool unique Utada feel that made it seem original and not a generic. Because she was raised in NYC, her English is better. Her lyrics are much more interesting and diverse. She released previous English album…though I personally didn’t love it. I think Utada did an excellent job of mixing Western r&b with Japanese r&b. She doesn’t lose her individual and cultural identity in this 2nd English album. Thanks for the review.

    • Hm maybe because “on and on” reminded me of other tracks I’ve heard. I checked up on the producers and it’s listed as “Sean K., C. “Tricky” Stewart, Utada”. C.”Tricky” Steward actually produced other songs such as “Touch my body”, “Umbrella” and “Leavin”. I guess that’s where I thought the resemblance come from. All those tracks have that one phrase repetition going on with an extremely catchy chorus. Of course, being the awesome girl she is, Utada adds her own unique feel to it. Plus, her voice is amazing, so a total bonus right there.

      I’ve listened to her previous English albums and I’ve got to say this one hits WAY more buttons than the others. I personally think its more mainstream and will most likely appeal to the mass. I see your a huge fan, aren’t you? And I see absolutely every reason to be. She’s absolutely awesome!

  5. Thanks for your review! I wonder why they cut ‘Hikaru’ out of her name though? My favourite so far is Apple and Cinnamon, but Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence – FYI is wonderful too. I know the original theme is from a movie, so maybe the lyrics refer to that.

    • Hm, that’s a tricky question lol. Maybe it’s easier to stick with one word names in America? Yea, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is actually a movie, and I’ve been reading comments and reviews on how the lyrics are mostly a tribute/link to the movie. Since I havent seen the movie, I wouldn’t really know. They’re definitely deep and unique though!

  6. Yay! thanks for your review :)

    My favorite is This One Crying Like A Child

    • It’s my pleasure. Great albums such as these must be shared XD That song is definitely high up my favourites list too!


    This One (Crying Like A Child) is my 2nd fav, I think I already replayed the heck out of Come Back To Me though.


      Hahaha, yea I think I’ve listened to Come Back to Me a bazillion times by now, and still not that sick of it yet. This One (Crying like a child) is also up there in the favourites along with Apple and Cinnamon and On and on and all the other songs haha. Great album! XDD

  8. I already have the copy album. yay… *jumps in a joy*
    She’s working under Stargate and Tricky as her producers

    Personally, I think this album too much better than Exodus. Well,, She admitted that Exodus was an experimental album.
    I like Merry Christmas MR. LAWRENCE – FYI too much, though I still don’t know the meaning behind this song. Come Back To Me remainds of so much of First Love.
    Well, I love Hikki an I still prefer to call her like that

  9. I got my hands on the album too, and was googling for reviews to see what others thought of it. I love Utada Hikaru to pieces, but I was always disappointed that her Exodus album was so weak. This album is similarly like that for me. I wanted to be blown away the way I am by her Japanese albums, and instead just got a soft tap on the shoulder. Her lyrics are a little too heavy-handed in the rhyming department, certainly not clever or poetic like her Japanese songs, and the music is vanilla bland. I’m afraid this album isn’t strong enough to really pop in the U.S. music world. T_T C’mon Utada, you can do better than this!

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