Posted by: lovediaries | March 25, 2009

090324 Super Junior on Tablo’s Dream

Kangin & Kyuhyun duet – This is interesting :). They perform “It’s been a long time”. I…don’t think I’ve heard this song before but the intro sounded verrrry familiar. Kangin’s eye-smile ^______^ and Kyuhyun’s voice! I will never grow out of love with Kyuhyun’s voice. NEVERRR.

Sungmin & Kyuhyun duet – HERE BE SOME LOVELY KYUMIN *____________*. They perform a song called “Because of Love” with Sungmin on the guitar. Really pretty performance ^^. And ROFL was that Kangin in the back who went to pretend to play on the piano? XD.

Why I Like You – So they are still performing this song ♥♥!! Full version, too :D/ And woah were those fans sitting INSIDE the studio? O___O. ROFL SO HARD @ TABLO’S FACE during Kangin’s solo lines XDDDD. And then awww, he was like directing the camera to film Shindong & Sungmin dancing <333.

Um, and I’ll add I really like how Kyuhyun’s getting a lot of crazy high notes. I still haven’t heard their whole album (cause I’m waiting waiting waiting) so maybe Kyuhyun only gets to sing face-scrunching high notes in two songs, but it still makes me happy :).

For those who still haven’t done so, be sure to check out for news on ordering Epik High’s album TO BE RELEASED IN 2 DAYS! But it’s already available on itunes, I think :/. Apart from being able to purchase merchandise, you can also read their blogs and LOLOLOL they’re so funny and cute and adorable and RAWWR. Reading Tablo’s posts on Kang Hye Jung had me feeling all warm and fuzzy ^__^.

Anyway, lovemelodies has offered to take orders for anyone who can’t purchase with a credit card so drop by HERE for more details!



    akdsfjasdfh I wish I had money T_________T

    • You putting off watching everything makes me feel better about not yet having watched SHINee on Idol Army :D.

      Don’t we all, bb .__.

      • My online social life is much more hectic than real life, srsly. It makes me feel pathetic. :\

        GUH. I want their album so badly T_T

        • AGREE. Like, miss a day online and you have to catch up on so much T_T.

  2. lol i love duets, they’re so cuteee. haha i knoww; kyuhyun gets too many high notes but he sings them very well (: haha i love why i like you :DDDD haha very random tablo just comes in and does smileys and a freestyle :p even when we all know epik high can’t dance at all :]

    • Lmao I know XD. Tablo is so funny.

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