Posted by: lovediaries | March 25, 2009

DBSK in Tarzan Magazine

{credit: DNBN}

Click to enlarge!

LOLing really hard at Yoochun in the embedded pic. His hair is really ick lol and reminds me of Eason Chan, the HK singer. Eason is a cool dude rofl but has the worst hairstyles in the history of worst hairstyles :/.

Otherwise, I’m drooling at everyone else in their solo pictures minus Yunho and his moobs. HELLO, ARMS OF SEX. Junsu’s pic is my favourite because he has a very exciting pose :).


  1. lol. Arms of sex. It’s funny ’cause it’s true. haha. And speaking of which, I will admit: Yunho’s boobies do look a little higher on his chest than they should. Even though they’re not quite boobie anymore, still. I is eternally biased– but look at the weights that Jae’s hefting! They’re big…!

    (That’s what she said)

    • For all we know, Jae’s weights could be resting on two boxes :PP

  2. Chun = perpetually at war with stylist noonadeul

    • Maybe theyre all like fighting for Chun and whoever doesn’t win him gives him bad hair. Hmm. Idk.

  3. adhflkjsdahf junsu!

    he’s my favorite :)

    i like the simple concept, but it also would have been nice if they had on a little color in the casual clothes. oh well. and omg jae’s body just reminded me of someone i know haha

    • Everyone’s going colour-less these days :/. It must have something to do with the economy going into recession XDD

  4. lol aww they’re so hot, haha junsu is hott in his pic haha. lol yunho looks like hes just like holding his stomach in too much and so it causes his chest to bloat :D

    • LOL OH YEH! It does look like that XD

  5. O_O OMGaaawssh!
    That pic of jj right there is so priceless!
    SSssfffttt.. Yumm!
    LOL at junsu’s pose. It’s cute though :p

    • It’s very atheletic-like :D.

  6. I’m so sad, I haven’t been able to keep up lately because I’m living with my brother’s friend atm well he’s living with me and he’s on my computer 24/7 which is kind of annoying me now cause it’s getting in the way of my dbsk updates! anyways about the pictures, Junsu gives me naughty thoughts, don’t kill me, and I wish Jaejoong could pick me up with those arms of steel, Yunho looks like a pretty chill person to do yoga with, and Changmin looks like the perfect sculpted statue, stiff though he needs to let loose more! Yoochun…I still love you!

    • HAHAHAH while your bro’s friend is doing some assignment ‘Um, excuse me, can I pls use my comp? I need to check out pretty boys ^^’ XDD

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