Posted by: beckery | March 25, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary, Shinhwa ♥♥♥♥

24th March 1998 -> 24th March 2009 -> Forever

My Shinhwa boys have gone from this:

Debut Stage

To this:

10th Anniversary Concert

Ten years. Six boys. Same song. Same boys. Same personality. Same brotherly love. Same Shinhwa. Eleven years? Same thing. Twenty years? Same thing. Forever? Same thing.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥

One, ten, eleven, twenty are purely just numbers when it comes to Shinhwa. These boys can’t be described using numbers. They can only be described using the word “forever”.

No matter what they’re doing at the moment. No matter who’s in the army, who’s going to go to the army or who’s not. No matter what awesome solo activities they’re currently part off. I know, they know and Shinhwa fans all know that we’ll be celebrating anniversaries with them for the rest of our life because there is no stop or goodbye when it comes to Shinhwa. Not now, not ever.

Waiting patiently for their comeback ♥

(Shamless plug for my Shinhwa Pimp post)


  1. You sound like a Hallmarks card

    But yay, Shinhwa <3

    • *I* was trying to sound poetic and deep and meaningful and you just had to come along and kill it T_T

      Another reason to go emo it out in the corner. GOOD ONE!

  2. Shinhwa calls for a MASSIVE amount of love and respect =D
    just the fact that they’ve been around as a group for so long is just such an awesome thing!


    • I AGREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! My love for them spans the whole freakin earth and that’s not even enough. My first kpop love and forever my top <333333 Their bond is flippin’ amazing, which is obvious with them being the longest Kpop boy band etc haha.

      My boys <33333

  3. Shinhwa!!
    If only HOT were like that, sigh.

    Oh well, their hairstyle back than makes me LOL. But the 10th year anniversary screams SEXY!

    • I’m not actually to familiar with HOT but its such a shame they disbanded or else they’d be the longest kpop boy band :(

      ROFL. YEA. I still sorta cringe and laugh when I watch or see old Shinhwa clips and photos hahaha. Poor boys.

  4. I know I should be saying something like happy birthday… but I can’t help notice the change!

    From little squishy boys… to men with bulging arms o.O

    • HAHAHAHAHA. Yea, they were so cute and squishy when they debuted. Look at them now though *beams*. So hot and sexy and cool and well..I would say mature, but they’re not T_T In their 30’s and still acting like kids XDDDDDDD

  5. Oh wow, I thought they just celebrated their tenth anniversary. They’re really amazing, these guys – I don’t know much about Shinhwa (guess I’ll have to check out that pimp post one of these days) but they’ve obviously made obviously made an impression on the industry. Congrats, Shinhwa.

    • Lol 10th was last year =P You really should check them out!! You’ll find that their bond is incredible. The boys themselves are incredible too. Though, I find that new kpop fans dont find Shinhwa that attractive, probably because of the large amounts of boy bands these days. *sighs* Anyways, Shinhwa was my first kpop love, so they hold a very very special position in my heart XD

      • Ah, no, I don’t think so – when I’m browsing around Soompi and stuff, I see a lot of newbies like me who are also big fans of Shinhwa. But if that is true, it’s probably just because the style now is a bit different from Shinhwa’s original style. Anyway, I might check them out sometime soon though. They’re lucky to have such sweet, dedicated fans like you though. ^^

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