Posted by: lovediaries | March 25, 2009

Making of “Sorry Sorry” MV

I’m procrastinating, in case you guys can’t tell ! XD.

{credit: sok663 @ youtube}

We’re a billion yrs late with this but still worth posting. I love that Wook is less camera-shy these days/doing more weird things for the camera :D/.

Pause the video at 1.17. I’m trying to count 13 bodies but failing to. I see Heechul with his long hair so I’m assuming Kibum’s not there? I guess that’s why you see so little of him in the MV.

There is also EUNHAE ♥♥♥♥ and Hyukliner :D. Kangteuk talk a bit about Nick Bass; they are SUCH a married couple. Rofl @ Hyuk trying to hint he is looking like Rain but only getting ignored by everyone XD. Dork.

Kibum is at the start and end but why not during filming?


  1. lol hyuk looks good in his white shades♥. i counted 12 so im guessing he wasnt thereee. well he was in the pics, so idk. damnn hyuk looks really good with eyeliner :] i think he should just wear it everywhere :D. lol hes so weird trying to look like rain, but i guess he does through the shades. haha and the random laughter and donghae <333 awww too bad they just stopped at the part where donghae was gonna sing his part. i was like so mad -.-

    • Hyuk is probably proud to be able to resembly Rain ;) Even though there is a big difference in their body build XD

  2. haha and hyuk’s pants are killing me once AGAIN

  3. I love Sungmin’s opening ‘annyeonghaseyo’. I really love his speaking voice – it’s so cute~
    And yes, EunHyuk’s ‘Hallyu Star’ bit was cracking me up – and here I thought it was just me who thought he looked like Rain.

    • Hey you! It’s been a while :).

      Lolol I think a lot of people thought Hyuk looked like Rain. Just, no one wanted to say it haha.

      • Hiya. ^^ Hmm, I have not been here in awhile – but I’m already caught up. Hope you’re having a fun time at uni.

        I wonder if the codies did that on purpose…

        • Uni is hectic as hell :( Which explains why I post so much … and don’t reply to my comments until a wk later XDD!

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