Posted by: lovediaries | March 26, 2009

12+ Extra Cool CF – Siwon, Heechul & Yesung

{credit: obscurepanic @ youtube}

THIS WAS SO FUNNY IN A REALLY CHEESY SORT OF WAY XDD. LMAO at Yesung being the biggest failure EVER.

I can’t remember what happened in Siwon & Donghae’s CF (it’s been that long lol) but this one is sort of like Siwon & Kibum’s one. Except funnier. The Siwon & Kyuhyun one is still the sweetest <333. The 12+ people are actually really smart coming up with all these different concepts for the different deoderants with the different members of SJ :D.


  1. I haven’t watched it yet (you know I’ve been putting off watching stuff) but I’ve downloaded it and I probably should watch it soon –;

    I can’t remember the SiHae one either (probably haven’t seen it…) and I haven’t watched the SiKyu (I SHOULD watch that one too) but the past ones I remember were crack so I’m expecting this one to be the same XD

    • If you don’t remember SiHae and haven’t watched SiKyu … doesn’t that mean you’ve only seen SiBum? (Or have I forgotten someone.)

      • Ah, I’ve watched SiHae– just searched for the CFs for a friend who’s going to Thailand lol. I’ve seen SiBum and the ones with only Siwon. :D

        Just watched this. LOL wtf was that XD

  2. haha. the video is so funny.. and cute….
    especially yesung..

    i dont know where to put this but yeah..
    rising sun from :42-1:17
    fast and the furious.

    • credits to

    • I read about that! Thanks for the clip :)

  3. lol thats so cute. haha yesung is quite unique♥

    • Yesung is such a squish :3

  4. LOOOL! YESUNG! <33333333!!

    • HOW CUTE WAS HE!!!!


    he’s the hottest failure ever. :D

    • This never fails to make me laugh XD

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