Posted by: beckery | March 26, 2009

Laugh of the day – EunTeuk imitates Mirotic Scream

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Another new segment!!! *does a merry lil dance* XDDD

I know, I know, we keep starting new segments and new games but then forget about it and stop doing them. But as Candychu says “laughter, truly is the best medicine”. And simply because of that, we’ll try to keep this segment going. So if you’re having a shit day, feeling down or stressed uni can go drown itself or in need of a laugh or two, then I hope this segment will make everyone’s life a little brighter ^____^ Inspiration came from Candychu’s weird cute Laughter post.

So to start this segment off with a bang, I’m going to use EunTeuk’s CRAZY imitation of Changmin’s Mirotic scream on Sukira. A bucketload of laughter is guaranteed, for reals. Especially Teuk, what a batshit insane boy ROFLMAO HAHAHHAAHAHAH. He looks like he’s about to pop a vein somewhere XDD

Scream Cut:

Credits: kirraTwELF @ youtube

Full song.


  1. I AM NOT WEIRD. It’s called inspiring. And we are so not gonna do this post everyday bec :P and you know it.

    This video just shows how awesome Changmin is <333333333333333333333333333333. His scream is epik.

    • I only said inspiration came from your post to be nice, so dont let it get to your head T_T

      I never said I’d do it everyday haha. Its whenever we find new funny stuff. I DO NOT EVEN HAVE TIME TO SLEEP CUZ OF STUPID UNI, LET ALONE DO THIS EVERYDAY!!!!!!! *stabs uni* *runs off to watch tvb* hahahah.

  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH <333333! Why are the boys always so hot and adorkable and funny and cute and sexy and hot and funny and…you get the general idea XD. But yeahh, it’s so random, but so EunTeuk like :D.

    • It made me laugh so damn hard. Seriously, TEUK, WTH?!?!?! HAHAHAHA He looked a mix of constipated/having a fit/bursting a vein. XDDDDD

      But hey thats why we love them! Crazy, unpredictable…downright weird XDD

  3. oh LOL. Teukkie’s sooo hilarious. :))

    Changmin’s scream IS TOTALLY OSM.

    • Changmin’s scream is totally un-imitatable (is that a word?). It’s so epic, I dont think anyone can do it hahaha. Of course they can try and be like Teuk HAHAHA.

  4. LMAO! Teukie’s face is so amusing while he’s screaming!!!!! i can’t take my eyes off him, i just stare at his face a laugh so hard!! :O *come on come on* XDDDD

    • I know right! Normally, my eyes are glued on Hyuk, but for this clip, I replayed it a million times and everytime I would stare at Teuk and literally lmao haha XDD

  5. lol he looks like he’s on a roller coaster (: and then eunhyuk just joins in lol :DD

    • ROFL. That’s probably what I look like on a roller coaster too haha. But Teuk definitely looks retarded XD

  6. OMG, THE HILARITY – IT IS ENSUING. LOL, I can’t believe I never saw that – thanks for posting. It’s the best way to start the day. XDDD

    • How can you not love these boys right?! They need to tell me what crack they’re on cuz I want some of that hahahha. Glad you enjoyed it XDDD

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