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090327 Super Junior on Music Bank

::EDIT:: I’ve added just a few photos – behind the cut. Teuk actually got down/fell down on his knees. He is so, so precious ♥.


Backstage – KYUHYUN’S UP THE FRONT TEEEEHEEE. LOLS @ the stylist/assistant person pressed up against the wall. Wth is Shindong doing up the back!??!?! XDD.

Donghae & Heechul dancing to Gee – They’re backstage with SNSD (rofl, I just called them Gee XD) and it’s really cute. Taeyeon is up with the camera and pretends to knock the others out (you’ll see what I mean) and then Chul and Hae come up the front and do a few moves~


Siwon has new hand gestures! :DD. They’re um, unique, as always. Sungmin is looking less PMS-y. Well, he’s still looking fierce but there’s sort of less anger in his expression. Which is good! Cause he looks really hot *__*. Hyuk still has his strange GD pants and high socks but I’ve decided I don’t actually mind it anymore. I mean, if anyone is to wear something like that and to be able to pull it off, it has to be Hyuk :). He has some new moves again, too *drools*.

Also, I think Hae has done some temporary damage to his body, because he’s no longer crotch-grabbing. Oh and, I love the way Heechul holds his microphone. He’s so cool XDDD. And the way Teuk huffed out his cheeks at the end was so cute ^__^.

Winning #1 – I GOT GOOSEBUMPS MY GOSH. Lol @ the fans covering their mouths in shock XD. Then they all gather in a group hug. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW <3333. It’s been so long !!! I love how Siwon is sort of having like a moments silence (thanking God perhaps?) and then Heechul just sort of knocks him ahahahaha.

Aw Teuk, omg don’t cry. HE’S MAKING ME CRY TOO ;~~~; *wibble*. And did he shout out to Kibum? Or did I hear wrong. *sniff sniff*. Donghae wipes Teuk’s tears and omg alsdjflsdjflasdkasjdfs *clutches chest*. This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long long time.

Heechul is still high enough to dance to Gee lmao. You gotta love that guy XD.


  1. i was pretty steay but when teuk broe down i followed, god its been too long; so suju deprived leads to a lot of build up fangirl!

    then after i was in the middle of seizureing all over the place i see heechul in the back and i’m back to reality

    • I know! At first I was all :DDDDDDDDDDD but seeing guys cry is like my one true weakness and so I cried with him too T___T

  2. Omg It makes me so proud of them ;w;

    He said, “Kibum, your hyungs did it!”

    • oshi… i got goosebumps and i’m tearing up and asdkfadskfjadsfkj ;~~~~; omg congratulations, boys! TwT

      • I love how the little screens flash an icky green “SHAWTY” on purple and black background. It’s like whoever designed the set is high on something. XD

        • okay, apparently it’s not a “little” screen. *has to get eyes checked again -_-;*

          • ROFLMAO you’re just talking to yourself. And *hi5*. We both LOLed at the “Shawty”.

            AND OMG that “Kibum, your hyungs did it” made me cry again. Wth, SJ winning an award makes me cry more than BOF T____T.

            • Well, I apologize for having nothing else better to do D:

              Kibum where are you? ;A;

              and I haven’t figured out yet how to ask my parents if I can use my credit card for MTS. ;A;

              • Aw no don’t apologise! You know I love you and your comments :)♥.

                Haha, I’ll deal with that problem when mapthesoul email me XD.

                • Lol I’m getting paranoid already. Usually I like getting notifs on gmail but now I’m, like, “OMGWHATIFIT’SMTS?”

                  Also, I’m following the LAEC twitter so I’m expecting to be spammed. XD

                  • Lol you’d be spammed by me more than the laec account which is crazy considering three of us are on there … but the others got bored of it last night already lmao xD

  3. NUMBER 1! wootwooo~~

    aw, leadersshi! he’s so emotional, no?
    are these the effects of getting old? heehee

    i loved how donghae wiped his tears, but ROFL! he’s wearing leather gloves, so it’s kinda useless. :D

    and there goes our religion boy, shi-brows. i should follow him and pray more often.. lol.

    • YEAH LOL but what I would give to have my tears wiped by Donghae’s delicate hands …

  4. gosh, i’m crying too. TT-TT esp. when teukkie gave kibum a shoutout! TT-TT
    love love love how donghae comforted leadershii~

    heenim’s so high, still dancing to gee~

    and sweet of so nyuh, to do the elf cheer on the encore~♥

    • I know! I was so happy to hear Teuk’s shoutout. We all miss Kibum so much :3

  5. IM SO PROUD OF THEM :]]]]]]

    • AREN’T WE ALL!?!?!? :DD

  6. yay suju!

    lol. the giant neon green shawty. it’s like signaling an alien invasion.

    love the white suits as usual.

    and yesunggggg. i can’t get over how HOT he is in this.

    and chul’s butt flash.

    • Alien invasion LMAO xDDD. I think it’s Yesung’s new hair which makes him look extra yummy these days~

  7. omg that was the best!
    and its funny how others seem to be more excited than suju themselves.

    • Yeah lol Hyoyeon was so cute with the fancheers and SJ are just crying haha ^^

  8. then winning anything is always a touching moment! T_T YAY SUJU!!!! <333

  9. I have to say this before I watch cause I’m so excited, but YES!!!!!! THEY WON!!!!!!!!!

    • AWWW. I also thought Siwon was having a little moment thanking God :). The Donghae-Teukie moment was so cute!!!! I love how Donghae kind of tries wipting the tears but fails cause of the gloves and just proceeds to hug him <3. I heard Kibum mentioned too!

      • I KNOW! ;~; I downloaded the HQ so I could see Teuk’s tears properly and argh alksdsljdf boys crying do strange things to my heart. And I noticed that at the start when Teuk was talking, Kangin signalled to fans to be quiet ^^. Yeah, Teuk said “Kibum, your hyungs did it!” HOW SWEET IS THAT. I hope Kibum is proud!

  10. lol ur so biased when it comes to kyu (: lol but he’s so hot though lol.

    lol shindong was all cool at the back :DDD

    lol everytime i look at hyuk, i kept thinking of someone similar and now i know what it is… A GANGSTER :p. his trousers and his socks are all gangsta. lol they’re all very cute. awww i hope the crotch grab wasnt like banded or like that would suck really bad. :D
    hyuk is actually like really smooth with his moves haha good performance ♥♥♥

    • I KNOW XD I’M SO SORRY!!! Gangster? Haha, Hyuk would rather you think he looks like Rain :PP.

      OMG good point! But if they banned it, there would’ve been heaps of news about it :PPP

      Hyuk is easily the best dancer in SM who has debuted :PP!!

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