Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 27, 2009

Big Bang + 21 Lollipop CF

Video: cyonedelman @ Youtube

::Edit:: Listen to the full song here

Finally, the female Big Bang has a name!

The new girl group (known by many as the female Big Bang) from YG entertainment has finally got the name “21” (which is going to be a nightmare to search for on Youtube) and they’ve collaborated with the male Big Bang (as in, the original XD) for this LG CF. I’m really liking their voices from what I could get out of this 31 second clip *_*  Their voices sound like they have more attitude than many of the current girl groups; I’m really looking forward to what they’re going to come out with :D

Interesting choice of outfits. The random mixture of colours and patterns hurt my eyes O_O GD’s hair makes me sad D:  I really really really want this phone; it’s so cute! I remember salivating over desperately wanting the Ice-cream phone with Candychu when we were roaming around the streets of HK; too bad Australia can’t support asian phones DDD:

Yay, I get to make a “21” tag :D!



    Watching this right after watching the MV for MapTheSoul is crazy.

    But ooh I can’t wait for their debut :D. Even though the use of numbers in group names is slowly starting to get UNORIGINAL. They should’ve been another theory. Like … “Steady State” BUAHAHAH.

    • They should give some of the colour!patterns!brightness! to DBSK’s Japanese stylists =__=

      I didn’t understand the Mapthesoul mv…….it was too deep and meaningful for me. And I’m a media student XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      Argh, I hate number names. 2pm and 2am are already a nightmare to search for on Youtube. Oh, and SHINee. Another annoying one. Where are the COOL names.

      Another theory? How about another space thingo. Like….Black Hole :DDD YEAH.


        • I didn’t say it was an annoying NAME. YOU said that :P

          I just said it was annoying to search for on Youtube. I remember when they first debuted and I tried to Youtube them. Typed in “shinee” and got like, 20 pages of p0rn =_=

          • But you’re supposed to put SHINee in inverted commas. I never got p0rn when I was searching SHINee. So…you’re lying.

            Excuse was lame, you’re still getting punched >:D.

            • ROFLMAO Nice one PAS, nice one. you just earned yourself a punch in the face by worldling. Can’t wait to watch that unfold. I’ll stand there and film the whole thing. MUAHAHA. “Worldling EF vs Scone EF” XDDDDDDDDDD

              And fyi guys, I NEVER have problems doing youtube searches with either 2pm or shinee. If this tech fail here has no problems, I dont see why you guys do =P

              Liking the song btw. It is quite a contrast after listening to Epik high though hahaha.

            • Yea, inverted commas still makes youtube think i’m looking for “shiny” though =.= Ok, it wasn’t p0rn, it was just lots of nekkid girls. At least that’s what I think it was, I just looked at the thumbnails (:O

              Whatever. I still think SHINee’s a weird name :P

  2. YAAAAAAAY They have a name :D

    I’ve been looking forward to their debut and stuff (for reasons I’ve stated in my blog). They’re sounding good so far. :D

    wtf is with sandara’s hair? D:

    • Also, LG phones are always so pretty. I want Viewty but it’s too expensive. -o-;

      …. Why 21? Didn’t they think the fans will find it hard to search anything on them, or is that actually the point? D:

      • I HAVE THE VIEWTY :DDDDDDDDDDDDD I love the camera~~~~~

        I’m gonna have to type “21 sandra park” everytime i search for them now =.= Just like with 2PM.

        • OAO I’m waiting for the price to drop lol. maybe I can get it for my graduation or something. but yeaaahhhh it looks viewtiful *O*

          2PM isn’t as hard as 21 anyway since they’re fairly known already. 21…. well, good thinking. i’ll do that too XD

          • Lol, I got my phone on a 24-month plan, so it didn’t cost me anything XDDD. I reaaaaally want the ice-cream phone, though. Or the new Haptic….But if I get those then I can’t use it in Australia, so it’s pretty much useless XDDDDD

            Have you tried typing “2PM” into google? It is DIFFICULT.

            • They don’t offer cool phones with plans here. -o-; the closest would be iPhone but I have a hate-hate relationship with anything Mac. lol

              HAH. I’ve tried and I’ve been making sure to put JYP with it since. XD

              I SHALL FORM A BAND AND CALL IT 3.14159265358979323846 just to spite them.

              • *hi5* I hate Macs too. Except I have a nano. Does that make me a traitor D:

                I LIKE THE NAME OF YOUR BAND. LET ME SHARE A PIECE OF THE PIE. Hehehehehehe, I’m so witty. Pie XDDDDDD

                • I have a shuffle but only because it’s the most convenient player I’ve seen so far and it doesn’t need iTunes. XD

                  XDDD they’re all going to end up calling my band “Pi”, though D: not that it’s going to be easier to look for that but it’ll defeat the purpose of irritating fans and antis alike. D:

                  My company is going to be called A and the members will go under the stage names B, C, D, E and F. Let’s see how Tim and 21 and One Day will like that. >:

    • I shall go stalk your blog as soon as I finish replying to these comments :D

      Sandra and GD are weird hair buddies. And let’s add TOP in with them, cos his hair looks like it’s been dunked in oil :S

      • lol I have the Ice Cream 2 phone even its kinda useless I bought it cause kim tae hee wear that pretty dress in the CF (lol what a reason to buy a super expenive phone lol)
        btw. I will wait also a bit that the price drop from this Lollipop phone and buy it as well ~ but what is a Viewty?
        I dunno it lol ~ I go and google now : O ~

        • eeehww .Ö,Ö. ~~ the Viewty is not even Pink.. sorry, nothing what I would like ~ haha..

          • Lol, the viewty actually comes in pink. Kim Taehee did the CF with a pink viewty, actually ^^

            Awwww you have the ice cream phone *is jealous*

        sandara even has a lollipop in her hair! @ 0:11
        how’s that!? hahaha

        ugh, i hope GD trashes that freakin’ fringed hair ASAP.
        imma boycott his solo album if he still has that icky hair.

        i’m suuupper excited for CL. that girl got loads of mad talent.
        and she’s multilingual too. YEY!

        • I have no idea who CL is :/ I just know she’s the leader..

  3. Lolli-lollie pop girl XD
    I using the Ice Cream phone! but one minus point; there’s no zoom function for the camera T_T

    Anyways, I’ve been waiting for these girls to rock the house! They sound super promising =D

    • No zoom? Bleeeeh. But the phone’s still cute ^^

  4. It’s a little too rainbow-y for my taste. The song is really catchy though :D.

  5. holy cowww i think i got a hippie attack full of colors :OOOO lol love the song though, haha i want that phone now :D

  6. woaww.. i’m so addicted to this song! lolli-lolli-lolli-pop-pop :D

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