Posted by: lovediaries | March 27, 2009

MapTheSoul MV

It’s on but not yet up on youtube. AND IT’S ALSO A PRIVATE VIDEO DDD: So um, we’re unable to watch it right now. I wonder if they’re doing that intentionally to tease us T___T.

Beckery: ITS OUT!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT! CLICK TO WATCH IN HD *$&(*&@*@&#( Been refreshing mapthesoul a million times waiting for it haha. Ok gotta listen and then fly to work or I’m gonna get myself fired. This is what fandom does to me!!!

Candychu:No reason to live without you” … all I can think about are Kang Hye Jung’s shoes XDDD. You guys saw them, right? XD. I really need English lyrics to understand what this song is about BUT the MV is pretty clear with their messages already anyway. The theme is quite dark, but really clever in how they’ve put everything together. I especially liked the part with the skeletons carrying “PAIN” on their backs and when the frame moves out, you see that they’re merely puppets. How deep is that. Lol but awesome stuff! Not that we expected anything less from them ;)!

And am I the only one scared of the green/blue people? D: I get scared of people who are busking on the street, painted in gold or silver, and the ones in the MV are actually covered in like moss and stuff which makes it more…scary. God, I’m so lame T_T.

I…SORTA NEED A COPY OF THE ALBUM NOW! Mapthesoul are taking international orders for their Book-CD in the early afternoon TODAY, Seoul time. So that should be right around…now? The price for international orders still isn’t up so we shall continue waiting :)

Oh, and soompi got a shoutout.


  1. lol omg epik high’s shoutout was so cute. haha tablo is amazing, i cant even like describe it. lol and the whole helly kitty censoring thing was cute ♥ cant wait for their new album :D

    • The Hello Kitty was hilarious XD

  2. Omg!!! I love how much the remember us international fans. Their video was so cute. “We’re trying to look like cute popstars…but we don’t know if it’s working.” LOLLLLLL. The Hello Kitty thing was really cute haha. I think I’m going to buy this album just cause they’ve been making so many wonderful videos for us xDDD. I love Tablo.

    • And the “It’s working” caption lmao. It sure was!!


    Btw I left a comment on the site, I feel so dam proud hahaha.

    • I did too :D. I followed suit hehe~

  4. T___________T I waaaannnnntttt. But I dunno how to ask my dad for it T_______________T

    I WANT A SHOUTOUT TOO. Omg they’re so cute *Q* We’re trying to look like cute popstars XDDD♥ GIMME A SHOUTOUT TOO, MAPTHESOUL.

    • I WANT A SHOUTOUT TOO ;~~~~;

      Yeah, I’m thinking of how to ask my mum too ^^;;

  5. You forgot to tag. Phail =.=

    And Korea is behind us, which means that when you posted this, it was early morning in Seoul xP

    Damn, I can’t watch it cos I’m in French lab >:(

    • SORRY. Too excited hehe. And shush, we all know I fail T_T.

  6. “L.O.V.E U I was made to be with you” love it, the video is so wierd omg but I liked how it kept me watching, and I was happy when I logged onto youtube to find that mapthesoul replied to one of my comments, it may not be much, but it made my day after it was going so bad, they replied “the book will be one book, korean and english, one book” lol I can’t believe that made me happy for the rest of the day, most likely my life!

    • I really liked that line too! Aww cool! I posted on Tablo’s blog and I doubt he’ll reply but I think I”ll be commenting around more and maybe I’d get an indirect reply? It’s pretty awesome that we’re “talking” to these artists :D.

  7. You guys can’t watch the MV?
    Cause.. I can see it.. lol…

    • Oh you edited it just now. lol. Sorry, didn’t see that. :))

      • Hah that’s okay. Yes, we’ve watched it. I love HD vids :D.

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