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Someday Vol.1 Album Review


Remember when I told you guys to listen to Someday’s (썸데이) debut album? Well not only are previews up, but I found it on Yesasia too!!! I’ve added it to my cart :DD but then I probably won’t be getting it til all the other CDs that need to come out, come out XD.

Known for their ballad “Do You Know?” featured in the soundtrack for the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, R&B quartet Someday launch their debut album. Their first album features 12 tracks, 7 of which are composed by group members. Among the songs to watch out for are the duet version of “Do You Know?” (Track 2) with Jea from Brown Eyed Girls arranged by Nishihara Akira who has worked withUtada Hikaru and L’Arc-en-ciel. Other stand out songs on this album include “Even When I Close My Eyes” (Track 11) with female singer Park Jung Eun and the harmonious mellow ballad “Not Strong Enough” (Track 1).

It’s been extremely hard trying to find information on them (I don’t even know the English translation to their song titles :(((( ); so far, the only thing I know is that they’re a quartet, they’re awesome, they wrote 7 of the 12 tracks on their album, and that they’re awesome :D (half this info I found out from YA lmao).

Ballad-lovers definitely need to try this album out. Of all the singles, mini-albums and albums that have been released, this is definitely my favourite (followed extremely closely by Jump Up ^^;;). And it really sucks that I don’t know their names/faces because I’m sooooooooooooooooo in love with one of their voices *____________*. (You know how there are two with really distinctive voices? Well the less nasaly one, lmao, is the one that’s gone up to my list of Favourite Kpop Male voices.)

Since this is a ballad album, I’d be repeating myself a lot, so if I write less of one song, it doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome!

01. 남자답지 못해서 – This is one of my favourites and I’m so grateful they used it as track 1 because if I hadn’t had listened to this song first, I don’t think I would’ve had the patience I had, to give the album a thorough listen, and then have it on repeat for hours and hours after XD. Like with many other tracks in this album, I really love the chorus because it sounds so sad and heartbreaking.

02. 알고 있나요 (Duet Ver.) (Feat. 제아 Of 브라운아이드걸스) – Duet version of “Do You Know?” from BOF Soundtrack featuring Jea from Brown Eyed Girls alsdfjaldjflkdsfldjlfajldflksd. Jea’s voice is soooooooo pretty! I love BEG ♥♥. This version is slightly slower than the original and only a teeeensy bit different sounding; but just as beautiful, if not more.

You know sometimes you get songs which later come out with a different version, and you think “oh this totally butchered the original” or “why would they not have released this version earlier!??!”; well for this song, I thought neither :D. This is the only song I can think of where I’ve loved both the original and the duet version just as much as each other.

03. 다시 – Slow verse builds into a catchy chorus. You get “다시” stuck in your head for ages after XD.

04. Beautiful – This is one of my favourites which isn’t a duet (because the duets are also my favourite :DDD). The chorus is sooooo sad sounding :(. I REALLY NEED LYRICS. I only understand the word “beautiful”. It’s one of those songs which put me in a depressing mood .__.

05. Love Me – This isn’t a song I would usually like. It’s pretty jazzy and they draaaaaaaaag out certain words haha. But like with Kyuhyun’s “Smile”, you learn to like the song because the singer makes you like it.

06. One Step – Very upbeat and poppy. It’s not bad for a happy song – I can actually stand listening to it. Is it my biasedness? xD

07. 슬픈 내하루는 – It’s hard to differentiate between songs when you get a full album of ballads and you don’t know the English names to more than half the songs, so it really helps when the songs have English lines :). I wanna live for you cause I love you in my soul !? Yeah, there’s Engrish, but, hmm xP. It’s emo! So love it :).

08. No.603 – Another favourite alsjflsdflksdjflsjdfd. Idk, just listen lol. I seriously have nothing coherent to say about this song. The ad-lib and high notes at the end might, em, take a while to get used to. I probably would’ve preferred the song without them haha they just sounded slightly out of place, or like they were edited into the wrong song. But this group honestly sing very well and can harmonise beautifully too ^^.

09. 나는 – This is the only song which makes me go :/. But really, once I get past the strange disco-y sounds at the start, it’s okay ^^. It warms up to me at around 2 minutes of the song because I start blocking out the background music and just listening to their singing hahaha.

10. 습관처럼 – A more uptempo ballad. Quite a few english lines :).

11. 눈을 감아도 (Feat. 박정은) – The piano melody at the start is sort of, idk, eerie? Less creepy than “eerie” but I can’t think of another word xD. I have no idea what they’re singing about but the impression I get is forbidden love. *flails* actually, I have no idea T___T.

12. 혼자 울지마 – I like this song because the beginning lets you listen to all 4 different voices :D. The 4th to sing, starting from 0.45, is my favourite. The harmonisation in this song is so pretty. I’d love an instrumental version of this song. It’s relatively slow throughout, but eventually builds up. Definitely a wonderful end to a great album :D/

I hope I was successful in convincing you guys to listen to at least two or three of the tracks (at least try out the duets!) ^^. If not, watch them singing “Do You Know” on Sukira :).



  1. Hmm, looks like their album’s available for download online already. (yes i’m bad for dling instead of buying >__>;;) Thanks for spreading the word about Someday. I prolly wouldn’t have checked them out if it wasn’t for your post. The duet version of Do You Know is sooo good! I actually miss the old OST songs of BOF. I miss Almost Paaradise~~~ :(

    • Yay, I’m glad you gave them a try :D. I do my best to recommend good music…or well, what *I* think is good anyway haha.

      Lucky in my life~ Ahahahaha. I really like the songs in the second OST but the first one is like THE BOF soundtrack :P

      • Yah, I was watching the previews for the last 2 BOF eps and they brought back the old songs like Starlight Tears, A Little, and Because I’m Stupid. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until they started playing in the preview. Ah the nostalgia… the first OST really IS BOF. Especially SS501’s Because I’m Stupid. So sad the show’s ending this week :( Need a new drama to watch!! :((

        Ohh, also, not related to Someday, but I saw this gif of Teukie at Inkigayo. His expression’s hilarious :D

        • Sorry I’m so late, but I saw that gif and got the biggest laugh out of it. Thanks for sharing !!

  2. dang it! oops copied the wrong link >_< sorry. here’s the right link.

  3. i love all their songs.. and im dying for the lyrics!!

    • They’re still not up on soompi though, I don’t think :(

  4. i love someday’s vocals so much.. and i badly need the song lyrics (all songs in the album,if possible).. anybody has the information or the link,please,please,mail me at ^^

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