Posted by: lovediaries | March 29, 2009

090328-29 SuJu on Music Core & Inkigayo

I’m yet to recover from watching Star King (seriously, the laughing has exhausted me and my cheeks are killing T__T). I’m just gonna leave links for now because I have two tests to study for tmr and askjfslkdjflskf, yeah, no time :(. Will be back to edit!

Beckery: Candychu needs to do some nerding, so I’m gonna edit this for her XDD

Music Core – I still dislike the camera person and the lighting person. Will they never learn?!?! All the camera angles, zooming in and out and flying everywhere made me nauseous. And omg they totally missed Donghae’s crotch grab and Eunhyuk’s dance solo and a bazillion Sungmin roar faces T___T Still a good performance though! Navy and white clothes this time. And will you look at that!! Eunhyuk is wearing proper pants!! LOOOOL.

Inkigayo – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Inkigayo always has the best camera and lighting jobs! Clothes this time includes pinstripe/gold/black/navy/white. Some are nice, some are pretty lol worthing haha XDD I totally dig whatever that is around Eunhyuk’s neck. Is it a tie? or a string? whatever, it’s so sexy! Ohhh and Heechul looks good here! I still crack up at how he holds his mic though lol. OMG $@&(*$()# HELLO EUNHAE!!!!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ At 3.16, you know how Donghae normally does that jump, touch foot thing by himself?!? Eunhyuk comes out this time with him and they do it like mirror style. IT IS SO COOL!! Or maybe just cuz anything that has to do with EunHae is love in my books hahaha. They’re pretty hyped here so it’s a great performance, plus you can see their choreo properly so WATCH!


Winning & Encore – Can’t say I’m surprised about them winning (cuz we all knew it would happen), but none-the-less I’m really happy for them <3333 HAHAHAH WTH HEECHUL!?!?!? ROFLMAO! The members all come in for a group hug (d’awwwwwwww) and you see Heechul on the side bear hugging Hongki and spinning him around! XDDDDDD Wrong band member darling! XP Leeteuk mentions Kibum again :((( They’re so hyped for their encore :D

Oh, and I’m just adding this Sorry Sorry Parody made by Carmen :DDD/. It’s one of those really clever ones where the made up lyrics match with the real lyrics and lakjdsflskdjfslkjdf I LOLed so hard at it irl XDDDD. I think I burned about 2000 calories tonight from laughing lmao.

It’s no longer “dance! dance! dance” but “fans! fans! fans” >:D. Kyuhyun’s lines were my favourite. KyuMin ♥♥.


  1. I like the other one by poopiness (?) with “dance” replaced with “pants”. It was really awesome albeit too short XD;;;

    *goes to watch parody*

    • Oh yeah I saw that one. :))
      Hilarious. xD
      too bad they didn’t finish it. D:

    • I haven’t seen that one but this one is def. a must watch :D

  2. Noooo!!! My fangirl dreams are CRUSHED. lol

    btw, this is Kara~ I made a wordpress account. ^^

    • Oh hey, new wp account. K, I’ll remember from now on ^^

  3. holy crap i shouldnt have watched the parody first. THE LYRICS ARE STUCK IN MY HEAD NOW :]
    hahah i love heechul’s part when he’s all like “you think you can have a face like this?”

    WTH IS MUSIC CORE’S PROBLEM??? i couldn’t see donghae’s crotch grab. without it, what else is there to watch anyways. totally bad camera man.

    Inkigayo did a really good job. i love donghaee. omg all their yellow bowties, ties, and strings are hot. all the hot guys wear them ♥♥♥. lol Euhaeee haha is just loveeee. that was really cool. i love the part where they just touch themselves after the euhae moment :D lol Heechul looks good, i love how the camerman zooms in on him at the end (: haha good performance <3

    hahha everybody knew they were gonna win anyways. haha heechul. he sang wook’s part at the end :D. lol i dont like what hongki is wearing :DDDD

    • i couldn’t see donghae’s crotch grab. without it, what else is there to watch anyways


  4. I can’t believe I did it but I made a SuJu Parody:

    Although I’m sure you girls will get a kick out of it :P

    • Wait, never mind! I obviously need to read the posts all the way through before I reply :P

      But I’m glad you liked it.

      • HAHAH yeah, I posted this as soon as I saw it up on your comm :DDD

    • kudos on your parody~! ^^
      very funnai~
      My fangirld dreams are crushed oTL

      • I KNOW. I’m gonna get ninja kicked in the ass by Sungmin T__T.

  5. lol Siwon’s bible fall to the ground when hannie comes around?!?! I miss Kibum! I loved Heechul face caressing Hongki during the win clip, and I “Awwd” when 2AM stayed behind to do the sorry dance with Super Junior! Hyoyeon is a cutie, can’t get enough of her!

    • Yeah ! Lol I saw 2am there too ^___^

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