Posted by: beckery | March 29, 2009

090328 Dream Radio – Epik High & MYK

First live performances from their album.

Cipher & Map the Soul I haven’t heard any songs from their album except Map the Soul, because I dont want to download or youtube it XD I think Cipher is just a rap track? I hear (HAHA I just wanna plug in the website again. The more promotion, the better!). Really, really like Map the Soul. I can’t say I immensely enjoyed the MV, cuz I found green man a tad freaky haha, but the song was great. Needed 2 listens and I was hooked! ^_^ Very hip hop, very Epik High. I am proud. Their live here was great. I love how Tablo totally gets into it, it’s like his whole body is rapping! And I WANT THAT HIGH SKOOL TSHIRT!!! Are they doing any comeback performances?!?!  “No reason to live..without you”…Favourite part: “L.O.V.E.U. I was meant to be with you, meant to be with you, meant to be with you”.

Scenario Guess what genre the song is? HIP HOP! Rofl. XDD First time listening to this song and it’s pretty sick. Totally digging that chorus! “Lights. Camera, action and go. You’re not a movie star…” I want lyrics and translations. No, I need lyrics and translations! And that CD and that Tshirt, oh and Tablo’s book. K thanks. haha.

Free Music Oh wow, that instrumental at the beginning is so pretty *_* Sorta doesn’t fit with the whole hip hop vibe, rofl. Tablo raps in english and I hear “asthmatic” and “diuretic” HAHA WHAT?! Talk about studying too much T_T. I swear I hear those words though. Ok, I need lyrics for this as well. Well it is in english, so I might listen to it again later to figure out the lyrics. “You know the choice is your, just make sure the voice is yours”. Now that is nice.


  1. lol the songs sound nice. compared to the songs i’ve heard a while ago, there was always a female voice. to hear them without another person is amazingggg. haha they sound so good. i love how they’re into their songs so much♥ i love scenario’s chorus. its really goood (:

    • I liked Epik High’s duets aswell! Well not really duets, just feat. female artists such as jisun or younha. Great songs. These are good as well. I just need lyrics and translations when it comes to Epik High, cuz I like their works mainly for the deep poetic meanings hidden in the words XDDDDDDd

  2. wow i’m a real fan of scenario..

    and myk’s voice is AMAZING!!!

    i couldn’t count all the movie titles could you??

    • Scenario kinda gives me an emo feel but I totally dig the chorus and english parts *___* I KNOW, MYK SOUNDS AWESOME! Ohh they used movie titles?! Omg I didnt even realise, runs to listen to again XDDDDD

  3. You heard right for Free Music.. I don’t really know the lyrics for the second half of the song, but here’s part of the beginning:

    never stop but when i’m stopped, i jog my mind
    around the writer’s block till it’s out of breath and asthmatic
    i’ve had it with the paperchase, need i mention?
    the rap game is all show and lyrical descension
    pretension, obsession for physical possession
    i’ll pay for your CD, but pay no attention
    ascension, i’ll never lie to get it
    fake people piss me off like diuretic


    There’s one point (around 2:24) where I keep hearing Tablo saying ‘all these super saiyans’. Is it just me?

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow. deep. so deep i have trouble understanding haha. I really need to get lyrics and sit there and analyse every single thing he says XD

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