Posted by: lovediaries | March 29, 2009

090328 Star King – Sungmin Cut

Sorry this is spam and I need to get my ass to bed BUT THIS WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS.

{credit: GemieSJ @ youtube}

Sungmin performs the hottest magic trick with this girl (HE FULL FEELS HER UP OMG AND THERES LIKE A 19 SIGN OVER HIS HAND WHEN HES TOUCHING HER THIGH) and everyone is going nutso (Kyuhyun’s just laughing in the back) and they go to finish but Sungmin does the most FAIL thing ever. He almost dropped her. AHAHAHHAHAHAA LOLS FOREVER.

Omg, just watch this.

I can’t wait for the full ep !!! Oh and, I posted Donghae’s cut on my blog. Too lazy to edit for now hehe ^^;;.


  1. Dying! XDDD Pause at 14 sec because their individual reactions are too great. Wookie’s like “Oh dear…” and Siwon’s like “You wish you had these SiBrows” Sungmin being sexy will never fail to amuse me but the magic trick looked kind of sketchy, like TV magic or something.

    The rest were so cute LOLing hardcore in the background.<3

    • LOL If it makes you feel any better, I’ve seen this trick done live, and it’s definitely not a result of TV magic. I have no idea how they do it. It’s amazing!

      • Ooh wow I’d love to have seen this live :D

    • Haha nah, I really don’t think its TV magic. They don’t do that often, do they? I always believe what I see on TV hahahah

  2. LOL OMGGGGG IM GOING NUTSO OVER HERE TOOO. lol he’s perfect for that cuz he’s always making that face when he sings haha :D lol everyone was like AHHH WHAAAA WHOOOOO AHHHHH WOWW. lol i like kyu’s wearing :D

    • YEAH LOL AND HE FULL SNARLED LMAO XDD. Kyu looks great ♥

  3. someone slap me in the face like SSSSSSLLLLLAAAAAAAPPP!!!!!
    i’m also going nutso, was that really sungmin or am i just hallucinating? how did that pink danhobak aegyo prince i love turn into being fierce, smexy?? but, nevertheless, i still love him. LOL.

    • Lol yepp that was Sungmin ;))

  4. OMG, this is me dying of laughter over here. LOL, the whole thing was just too funny – and your commentary just made it worse. I knew what was going to happen and I still cracked up.
    This is really something though – now when I finally start to take notice of Sungmin’s aegyo, now he starts to act sexy. Aigoo… Anyhow this clip’s being favourited. Can’t believe they were playing that song too!

    • YEAH LOL I considered not telling what happened but I had no other way of convincing people to watch it, other than to say what happens XDD.

  5. OMG!!!!! I swear my heart stop beating for 2 minutes!!! :O
    *imagines that girl is me* :D


  6. lmao omg that girl’s HOT.
    But their reactions and sung min’s hardcore expressions made it like…in a way, non serious XD
    I was laughing at Siwon’s, “OMG OMG MY INNOCENT MIND :O You’re corrupting poor Ryeowook.” haha. Ryewook (?) was like OMG *in utter shock*.

    Sung Min looks so mature now. Such a change from his princess girly like days in 2007XD

    • Yeah omg Wook looked so scared lmao XDD. So cute ^^!

  7. The entire time Teukie is screaming “SUNGMIN AH!” XD

    • Lmao in the other ep where Sungmin did some salsa-ing, Teuk was all SUNGMIN AH too XDDD.

  8. cant watch it…it’s already been removed

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