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090328 Super Junior’s Star King cuts

Credits: 13infamyss for the gifs; as tagged + sjmarket for the photos. More under the cut!

I was gonna put this up together with Candychu’s last post but I cbs editing it hahaha. So it gets another post. No subs yet but you really don’t need subs for Star King. Looking at their expressions are already priceless ♥♥ I still think Siwon pawns all when it comes to facial expressions though. You can literally see his eyes go o_o –> O_O HAHAHA. No wonder the camera keeps panning to him XD  The boys were only in the first half of the episode = 4 parts.

Part 1 – CD/Magic guy I WANT MY OWN MAGICIAN!!! This guy is seriously cool and the tricks are REALLY nifty, no wonder the guys were all O___O haha. And don’t you think he’s sorta cute?! The CD trick is definitely my favourite. He plays around with Suju’s CDs and whenever he switches from their 1st album to the 2nd album to the 3rd, the music changes. IDEK how that works, but definitely a neat trick. I thought it was funny how the boys kinda had the automatic response to dance along to the “Sorry Sorry” while looking totally flabbergasted by it all hahaha.

Afterwards was the bow tie trick. People with bow tie fetishes definitely needs to watch this. He changes bow tie colour, plays around with strings and paper and heaps loads of other cool tricks. Then Boom LOOK CANDYCHU IT’S YOUR LATEST CRUSH being the smartass awesome boy he is gets up and does a bow tie trick HAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT’S SO FUNNY!! I mean he looks totally pro and all but I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at him. He even ate the paper!!! XDDD ROFLMAO. Then he points at Teuk and tells him to check his pockets, I think, and Teuk pulls out a bow tie and is all O_O WOW. BUT WE ALL KNOW ITS A CONSPIRACY RIGHT?!?!?! Then Donghae does a bow tie trick with the cute magician and um, if Donghae gets any cuter or hotter or sexier, I think I might have to throw Eunhyuk to the side *____* That boy is so much love <33333

Part 2 – IS trio They appear at the end of Part 2 and Eeteuk looks like he’s crushing on them. He takes off his jackets to dust their seats, but looks totally dorky whilst doing so ROFL. They’re really pretty, wears pretty white dresses, can sing and play the traditional instruments, no wonder the boys are all <33 haha. I sorta don’t know whats going on but at 1.20 they have to sing for Teuk, I think, and he goes red. And I mean BEET RED. He’s laughing and covering his face looking all flustered, so Kangin and Eunhyuk comes to the rescue by covering him and sending electric stares at the girls. I SPOT GUMS. FROM EUNHYUK. I MISS THOSE XDDDDDDDDD Then Siwon gets to sit there whilst they sing for him. One of the girl calls him “Siwon sshi” and ROFLMAO at his expression. PRICELESS. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS HAHA.

Part 3 – Another Magic Guy + Sungmin’s magic trick This magic guy plays with sand and water and it makes me wanna go beaching haha. It’s cool and all with the whole mixing different coloured powder/sand to get it to become clear, but I still like first Magic boy more haha XDDD I don’t really get the next trick but ROFLMAO at Kang Ho Dong picking Hankyung’s picture and hugging it :DDDD I love how much KHD adores Hankyung, it’s so sweet ♥♥♥♥

Then it’s Sungmin’s turn and Candychu has already spazzed about it but it’s my turn now! Um, excuse me, but WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CUTE PINK BOY!?!?!?!?!?!?! First the roar expressions, now all the smexness, flirting,  touching the opposite sex and more roar faces?!?! O_________O *jealous* That girl is so lucky! And omg the members are totally going batshit crazy from the side XDDDDDD Everyone is all “OHHHH” and “AHHH” and “SUNGMIN AH” and “OMG I CANT WATCH THIS” and O____O (that’s Siwon btw, do you see the resemblance =P loool)

Then the members exchange looks with the girl and omg *more jealous*. OMG OMG OMG $(*@#)$*@$(@) *smashes keyboard* DONGHAE YOU PIMP!!! OMG THAT BOY OMG *heart explodes* OMG ARGHHH *faints*. How can you do that to a stranger?! OMG YOU BAD BOY! OMG! He was THIS close to touching her face omg OMG OMFG. *breathe* HAHAHAH TEUK IS SUCH A KID!!! He goes into a giggling fit and it’s so cute *squishes his face and glares more at Donghae*. Yesung looks like he’s glaring her down haha, and Siwon gets electric shocked by her. ROFLMAO at Hankyung and KHD again and again XDDDD

Part 4 It’s like picking time, Love Letter style where the girl gives a guy her rose. HAHAHAHAHAH FUNNY STUFF!!! KHD is so awesome XDDD Poor Boom got punked, hard hahaha. And Magnae too but man he’s scary when he’s angry! Ok. Laziness is kicking in. But um watch for when KHD steps on Teuk then Boom’s foot and won’t get off. Ouch, painful much? The girl picks Sungmin in the end and they do that ending pose again, without him nearly dropping her XDD haha.

And um wth is that big fat thing that guy brings in? HAHAHA Im so much fail, but is it like bread?!? :SS Lol at Kangin, Wook and Eunhyuk crouching on the floor eating! And this is the part where I need subs cuz I wanna know what Eunhyuk is saying hm..I think they end up doing a CFfor the food, but yea, I totally didn’t get any of that T____________T


  1. Ah My Gahd that was absolutely hilarious~!
    You’ve totally gotta love magic boys <3
    Oh well~ Siwon’s expressions PFFT. I missed those. ^^

    • That magic boy was really cute. Donghae was sexy and Sungmin was just omggg *__*

      LOL. I don’t mind that Sungmin isn’t very “cute” anymore, but the transition just makes me laugh hahahaha. And yeap, Siwon’s expressions still pawn <33

  2. … i shall watch this.

    after i figure out how to order mapthesoul -o-;


      I don’t really mind Sungmin not being “cutesy”. It’s still weird but not very surprising. LOL at Siwon. I miss seeing him in shows XD

      • Yea, I think the sexy, hardcore, macho Sungmin is pretty attractive really. THat is when he isn’t overdoing the ROAR expressions hahhaa.

        I miss seeing all of them on shows together <3



    KYUHYUN ♥♥♥♥ I need to know everything he said in this because his voice was delicious and I love him more than ever.

    • REALLY?! I think most of the Star king eps I watch are without subs. Lol.

      Yes, yes I know you lol’ed hard. As a matter of fact, it’s still on your msn pm.

      Pft, I need to know what Hyuk says cuz his voice is sexy and I love him more than you love Kyu + infinity. BEAT THAT XD

      • It is, isn’t it?

        I love Kyu more than you and PAS’ dislike for him put together. Beat that.

        • Oh wow, that means you don’t really love him that much then cuz PAS and I LOVE KYU. Tsk tsk Candice, how can you say you only love Kyu that much :P

          • >:((((((((((((((((((((((( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT. Meanie poo.

  4. Ah, I missed the spazzing over here – lol, your comments are classic. And agh, I don’t even normally like Star King but I gotta admit this episode was very, very funny.

    • Awww, thanks! *blushes* haha. It’s really just incoherent spazzing and a SHIT LOADS OF CAPLOCKS most of the time XDDDDDDDD

      I like Star King, depending on who’s on it hahaha. But its pretty interesting most of the time.

  5. lol okay in part 1- i was like
    AHHHH WHOOOA OMGGG AMAZINGG the whole time. haha super junior looked like they saw the most beautiful person in the whole world :D

    2- the girls were very pretty. i love their dresses. its like a mix of a wedding/casual dress. surprised they didnt wear hanboks :D haha teuk looked like he was gonna pass out :D they were very good at singing though (:

    3- okay so at first the magician was all cool. then i saw sungmin come out with a girl and i was like UH OH SOMETHINGS GONNA HAPPEN. and then they did a lil dance and i felt very awkward haha. good trick though :D OMGG donghae U PLAYERRR I HATE YOU -.- HE WAS LIKE AN INCH AWAY FROM THAT STRANGER. im so jealous. haha teuk is always laughing lol.

    4- haha the guy walked in with something huge that weighed alot on a stick. i was like WHOAAA. and then they start talking about stuff that i dont understand. haha wook, hyuk, and kanging just eat. i love how wook is pouring mustard? onto hyuk’s “FOOD”. haha i hope subs come out soon cuz i really wanna know the funny parts :D


      Agreed with everything you said, especially the Sungmin part. IT WAS AWKWARD! And sorta sexy, but heaps of lol worthy stuff such as….HIS ROAR FACES XDDDDDDDD LOL, still can’t get over them.

      I’ve disowned Donghae, that player. Omg a stranger and he goes and does that >:@

  6. That first CD guy was awesome and a real showman too.^^ Teuk looked like he didn’t know what to do with himself when those girls came out. Kangin however was flirting as usual with the magnae sister. They were pretty good too.

    Magic guy #2 was okay I guess. The stares were hilarious! I almost died when KHD pranked Hannie. Yesung is failas usual. And I wonder what they’re saying about Kyu and that girl. He’s two tons of cute this ep. Also, Boom(<3) and Teuk are a new comic duo!

    I suddenly noticed…Suju…….MANPRIS ALL AROUND!!! Why?! I know your ankles aren’t that hot! XS

    • I really like 1st magic guy. The tricks were really cool. I thought the sisters were great too!!

      LOL YEA!! I think they were teasing Kyu heaps about that other girl liking him or something. Need subs please XD Magnae is getting more screen time wooooot.

      LOOOOOOL I SAW SIWON’S PANTS and went “omg omg concentrate on face and Sibrows” then I saw Teuk’s and went “omg omg ignore” =PPP

  7. have only seen Sungmin’s magic part and cute fail, I’ll watch the other parts after school but the gifs look cute/funny. Donghae with the petals omg dies!

    • Omg I hope you’ve watched it!! It was soooo awesome and funny and just heaps of LOOOOOOOOOOL. You’ll love it! XD

  8. i don’t get it… is sungmin one of the contestant? or is it just a special stage or something?

    he was so hot during the performance, and then turn so cute afterward ^^

    • Based on my faily korean, I wouldn’t really know haha. I just saw Sungmin and went XDDDDDDDDDDD

  9. the videos won’t work D:

    • This is quite old, so maybe the vids got deleted. Try youtubing it :D

  10. omg I really want to watch this ep, but youtube put it down! :(
    I love that CD magic trick guy~ he’s soooo cute. I really wanted to see his ep on Star King! ><

  11. sungmin cute..

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