Posted by: lovediaries | March 30, 2009

090327 MBC.Onlbam Donghae Leeteuk Cut

{credit: eternalove4suju @ youtube}


This was sad but sweet.

We’ll post when the whole show is subbed!


  1. Oh my heart just broke. D8 Donghae’s way too young to have lost a parent, but life is like that. It’s sooo heartwrenchingly sweet that Mr. Lee entrusted Donghae to Leeeteuk b/c he knew he wasn’t going to be there. Teuk is a lovely hyung indeed.<3 I love how Donghae was so strong at the end. We all know how sensitive he is but he didn’t break down during the message. Oh cutiepie.<333

    • I know, his video message was so touching :'(

  2. ugh, so sad but I’m glad Donghae has Teuk there by his side and all the other boys. I don’t really know what to say…Donghae fighting! Suju fighting!

    • I’m glad they have each other ^^

  3. aww thats so sad :[ it makes me really appreciate super junior even more (: brotherly love is amazing. leeeteuk is such a good person, im glad he’s the leader of the group, he really deserves it ♥

    • Yeah, I’m glad Teuk can be strong for his dongsaengs!

  4. Aww that made me cry. . . :((
    Donghae we love you~~ <3
    I don’t know how Donghae managed not to cry while saying his message.. I would’ve been to sad to say anything if I were him… :'(
    Yay for leeteuk and eunhyuk to be there to comfort him~
    *did you see the EunHae? xD*

    • Yes I saw the Eunhae~ It was very sweet :).

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