Posted by: lovediaries | March 31, 2009

More SHINee CLRIDE.n Pictures

Sorry I haven’t been replying to comments, but if anyone has seen my update on our twitter *points to second widget* (yes, that is what that is XD), I’m supposed to be on a posting strike – which sounds better than a hiatus – lmao because I have a very stressful and hectic week; but here I am. Comment replies will have to wait BUT SPAZZING OVER SHINee IS ALWAYS MY FIRST PRIORITY.

I posted SHINee’s CLRIDE.n photos in the March issue of ELLE HERE and the CLRIDE.n website recently released all of them, I think. SO HERE THEY ARE.

Click to enlarge!

Embedded pic is my favourite for very obvious reasons if you know me well enough :D. Onew’s pout makes me LOL so hard; as does Taemin’s fierce face and Minho’s glasses (which later Key borrow and Taemin wears a different colour of lol). Boys, why so cute and fail? xD♥. Jonghyun’s “shh” (or, finger licking? XD) and Key’s face totally make up for everything though xP. No, I’m not biased (:o

Lots more pics under the cut; PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK!

Some photos are repeats but the quality is a whole lot better! Everyone is so good looking *keyboard smashes*. There are calves and collarbones and jawlines of pretty boys, what more could a fangirl ask for? xPP.

Key’s also making sex faces in a few of these (like the one where he’s on a stool) and LOLOLOLOL it’s so appropriate XD. But can you guys believe it, he’s almost legal :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Oh BUT! I figured that since I’m still underage, there is no need for me to feel bad about being a “pedo” at all ^^!

Onew has pretty bad hair (but has shiny and smooth legs so all is forgiven, of course; HE ALSO PLAYS WITH A BOWTIE AND WEARS A LOOSE TIE AROUND HIS NECK SO ALKSJFLSDFKLSDF SCREW THE HAIR), Jonghyun is sexy as always (except for that strange pic of him ~floating~ in the air where he has really odd bangs O_O), Minho isn’t in very many of these :SSS and Taemin is so pretty. Argh, he makes me feel totally fat omg XDDD. THIS SHOOT HAS SUDDENLY MADE ME FEEL DEPRESSED. Thank you Taemin, you killed my self esteeem XDDD.


  1. Oh you fail. I was stressing about your hiatus/strike but pft I should have known better XDDDD

    I just posted on twitters too *hi5* Aren’t you proud of me?

    • Yeah like how many posts have I done since I announced my strike?

  2. LOL for half-jumping pictures XD
    I was like, WHOAH did he GROW?? No. He was just floating magically.

    • LMAO he would’ve had to grown a whole head XD

  3. Their legs…. O_O
    Asian boys (and girls) are so lucky!

    I love Onew but his hair is so much fail in these. Why is he the only one with wacked hair? We don’t need another Yoochun, stylists!

    But Key and Minho kill me. They are so freaking pretty. And Minho’s poses stand out so much. The boy was born to model :D

    • Only SOME Asian girls are lucky XDD.

  4. OMG legs =)

    I want jonghyun in my pants… (STRIKE THAT)
    So did they take pictures of them and pasted them on random heights? because some of the pictures look… unrealistic?


  5. hey just wondering. did jonghyun redye his hair brown ?

    • are you asking about the new clride.n pics? i’m not too sure actually cause his hair is still the same but it did look brown in that photoshoot :/.

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