Posted by: beckery | March 31, 2009

Royal Pirates’ “Sorry Sorry” Remake

Video: fadingfromdawn @ youtube

I’ve mentioned Royal Pirates before in this post and raved heaps about their “Nobody” and “Mirotic” remakes, which were absolutely amazing. Especially “Nobody” ♥♥♥♥♥

They did a rock version of “Sorry Sorry” this time and they literally rocked it!!!!! Vocal/guitarist is Moonchul and drummer boy is Sooyoon. Moonchul is really cute and omg he plays the guitarrrrrrrr *____* I won’t compare this cover with the original, cuz I don’t really see the point in doing so. :D Though, I’ve got to say, they ARE AWESOME. FOR REALS! Moonchul sings really well and omg he has heaps of attitude… And the “gir gir gir gir girl” part was good, he sounds kinda like Donghae there O__O Sooyoon is so cute with his really deep adlibs hahahaha XDDDD



  1. Ooh, haven’t watched this yet – but am excited because the ‘Nobody’ one was good – just wanted to drop off this Utada performance for you since I know you like her, beckery:
    It’s ‘Come Back To Me’ and ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’ live on CBS’ Early Show.

    • Oh hey, that was really cool – I love how they altered the music, it’s cool that they were able to capture the sound with just those instruments. You’re right – Moonchul has a really nice voice – ah, but Sooyoon’s voice took some getting used to. XDD Thanks for sharing – their covers are impressive.

      • OHHH THANK YOU!!! I was waiting for her live performances since the album came out. And OMG OMG OMG, my two favourite songs from the album too *_______________* Will watch later. <3333333333

        Royal Pirates seriously are amazing. I love how they managed to rock the song without all that synch from the original! It’s impressive. They need some big entertainment company to snatch them up already! XD

  2. when I first played this I thought oh Wonbin and Hongki and then I read the post, very talented! and cute!

    • LOL. They’re great aren’t they? And Moonchul is so sexy playing that guitar *_*

  3. they are really talented. i saw their remake of nobody yesterday and i was gonna like learn more about them haha. they’re so talented. do they just do covers or do they also make their own music?

    • I still think their Nobody cover is my favourite from them. It was seriously amazing! This was good too. You should go to their myspace and the site they give on the side. Lol. PAS and I were stalking them last night XD

  4. Omg they’re so cool~!
    Moonchul did such a great job on Yesung’s solo. *__*
    And he did sound a lot like Donghae~~
    I love all their covers~~ “Circus” was also done really well. ^^

    • Yeaaa *______* Moonchullllllllll hahahhaa. He sounds awesome. They really need to debut like YESTERDAY!! Someone snatch them up and sign them a record deal already T_T

      I liked Circus too. Their english is good XDDDDDDDD

  5. Oh gosh, that was awesome! I like it all the more cos Ive had Sorry Sorry on repeat for god knows how long, so this was a nice mixup.

    I just did a quick myspace stalking and came across this:

    How freaky is that train’s face?!

    • ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL he’s so cute, but yea that train face is so creepy rofl. Gosh you’re even a bigger stalker than PAS and I =P

  6. LOL ! :D they ARE good (:
    im soo proud of maah brotherr moonchull<3

    • Omg, is he seriously your brother?!?!? O_O

      And yes yes they’re awesome!

  7. i’m being shameless… but i think i just felll in love <333

    • Rofl, XDDDDDDDDDDDDD They’re great, I know!

  8. ONNNNG. :D

    I love- and I mean LUUURVE- the Royal Pirates. They’re so talented and hot and squee~ I’m also a total fangirl of Sooyoon’s voice. it sounds a bit awkward in this version but it sound so deep and sexy in his rap in Like Butterflies, his original song…

    Have you heard it yet? LINK:

    • Nope, I haven’t I think, but shall try it out now. XD thanks. Yes I think they’re great too. Very talented people, who need to go get themselves a contract already haha.

  9. OMFG O___O That was a really good remake, rock version is cool >D *thumbs up*

    • *double thumbs up* hahaha. XDD

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