Posted by: lovediaries | April 2, 2009

090321 Super Junior on Star Golden Bell

It’s been subbed! Thanks to vinchenzo79!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

It’s the episode with Hankyung, Leeteuk, Siwon and Yesung. I watched a couple of Hankyung’s cuts from this episode and he was so adorable; especially when he complimented Nicole on how her Korean is so good and he just sort of made a :/ face. IT WAS VERY CUTE.

U-Kiss’ Dongho & Alexander are also on. HELLO THERE DONGHO. My pedo radar is going off ;).



  1. I watched this and OMG I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. Especially the part where Yesung stood up after he missed out on playing the game..I forgot the name, but it’s the one Nicole appears in XD. Rofl, he’s such a dork <3.

    • LOL Yeah poor Yesung. But hey, at least he got screentime! If people miss out, they’re never shown at all XD

  2. I will watch~! in the mean time. U-KISS<33
    They’re so underappreciated. D:

    • All the members came on for their perf! SJ would never do that ;~;

  3. haaaaaa. DONGHO IS MINE >:D

    Hankyung looked so cute lost! (: I love how Alexander is soooo dramatic here (as he always is but…)!

    [hello Kara, you remind me of what happened on RB last night :x]

    • Haha it’s okay, Taemin is my ultimate Jailbait ;)

  4. lol suju is the best. haha this is like my fave SGB episode haha. great show. everyone was amazing♥

    • SGB isnt really my favourite variety show but I love Jaedong and OMG I CANT WAIT FOR KYUHYUN TO BE ON AKSDSDFJKLASDLSDF

  5. Thank you for your share…

    SJ are so cute!!!

    • No problem ^^ Glad you enjoy!

  6. This is an amazing episode of SGB! Suju, my two favorites from U-Kiss (<3 you Alexander!) and Nicole from Kara doing the questions! Yay!

    • Yeah they talk a lot on SGB so it’s good having many favourites on the show :)

  7. This video has been removed, i can’t watch !!

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