Posted by: lovediaries | April 2, 2009

“Why I Like You” English version

akljflsjdfkksjdf I swear I’m studying!

I was looking for the “Why I like you” preview on youtube because I felt like listening to it, and I came across this video:

This girl, who goes by “hoodie09” is amazing! She sounds great; I reeeally like her version. She wrote the English lyrics too, which you can see in the video description.

Be sure to check her out! She’s really talented ^^!


  1. … i find it extremely disturbing that she looks like me. o____o i really need a new hairstyle now DDD:

    • omg she looks like you too?! O.o
      I am so growing my hair long… >.>

      • ……………. I feel so not special now ;o;

        (My hair grows too slow, unfortunately. I knew I never should’ve cut it too short!)

        • LOOOOOl. You guys are soooo cute *squishes you all* My face is too fat to have a straight down fringe like that haha, so mine is a side fringe and about 4 times that length. Time to get a haircut me thinks haha.

          • But my hair is parted on the right! There’s a difference! ;O;

            • Mine’s straight down… full bangs.. like hers. D:
              *gets hair growing solution*

  2. so cute! so talented! one of my fav english version of a song also with the english replay the other girl did. I’m so gonna have these lyrics in my head “gotta be near you” lol almost sounds stalkerish but it’s good!

    • Ohh I really liked that English version of Replay too *hi5*. I thought this was great aswell. She sure has talent. The words actually flow pretty well and her voice was great *jealous*



  4. WOW!! that was really good! i love the lyrics!! i usually don’t like the english versions, but this is amazing!! :D
    and OMG! guys i have that hair style too >.< only with red streaks….

    • Yea, I think this was really well done as well. *impressed*. And awww you too!! HAHA, you guys are so cute, I swear <3333

  5. =O it’s so cool to have my vid on someone else’s site. thanks so much =] i’m glad you liked it!

    yea i realized everyone had that haircut rightttt after i cut it =.= i’m growing it out now too lol.. i kind of miss my long hair.. can’t even tie it up anymore =(

    • It’s even cooler having someone we post videos of, come and comment :DD.

    • Hahaha… then we’ll all have the same long hair and go, DARN I NEED A NEW HAIRCUT! lol.

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