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090403 Music Bank

YAY, A’ST1 ARE BACK. I have no idea what their names are, but the Chinese member that was in BOF made me LOL. Oh, and the OST song they sang for BOF is nice ^_____^

A’ST1 performing BOF OST song

Yea, I don’t actually know the name of the song. I have it in my ipod under it’s Korean name *fails*. I think they did an okay job. A bit shaky, but they’ve only released like, two songs or something (right?) so they’ll improve ^____^. MY BOF BOY GOT NO CAMERA TIME. NONE WHATSOEVER DDDDDD: WHHYYYYYY :/ I hope we’ll get to see their leader perform the duet he did with T-Max’s leader (yea, I need to learn names, shuddup) that was one of my favourite songs on the second ost ^^

T-Max – Fight the bad feeling

Ooooo I really liked this song too ^_____________^. Can someone tell me which one is the leader? ^^;;; I like the one in the black hat, he reminds me of a pixie. I LOLed so hard how the two guys were singing 90% of the song and Kim Joon (aka Prince Song) says one line and the fangirls all went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XDDDDDDDDD. Their backup dancers reminded me of backup dancers for JE artists.

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry + Waiting room footage

No HQ :/ I’ll edit with a better one when I find it. I love this song *__________* I was really surprised that it didn’t win, though O_O Davichi deserved their win, but yea, I thought the ELFs would let Suju stay as no.1 for a while… HYUKJAE, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON WEARING WHITE TIGHTS DDDDD:

Davichi – 8282

I LOVE THESE GIRLS *________________* Soooooo talented, and it’s so refreshing to hear some strong girl voices. Besides, Lee Minho likes them, therefore they must be good LOL jks. I really how the song goes from slow to fast to slow. At first I was like o___O but now I’m used to it and I really like it XD. Congrats to them on their win :D!

K.will -Teardrops

First time I’ve heard this song. I’m gonna get Beckery to edit this, cos I don’t have anything to say O_O

2AM – Confessions of a friend + waiting room footage

YAY. 2AM. HELLO JOKWON. Omg those boys are batshit crazy for people who are mean to be serious ballad singers XD. In the waiting room the PD got them to pose for fake cameras (i think?) and hahahahaha they’re so weird XD. I reaaaaally like this song. At first I thought it was kinda boring, but then I gave it a few more listens and I reaaaaally like it *___* THE HARMONISATION IS AMAZING. And these guys can all sing really, really well *____________* love love love.  Have you guys seen them singing this song without music? I’ll find that video and edit it in soon. IT’S SO GOOD. ::Edit:: Here’s the link

AJ – Dancing Shoes

I don’t like the song and you can’t make me >:D


  1. I’m extremely sad that the boys didn’t win );

    • I’m still in shock .__.

      Though happy for Davichi ^^

  2. Like everybody else.. im shocked! Where are those supposedly-the-second-largest-fanbase-in korea ELFS??? Come on guys!!!! Support them!!!!! and yeah i know davichi is good.. i know, i know you dont have to tell me.

    • I think the ELFs themselves are pretty shocked with the result too o_O

  3. I imagined Super Junior would win this week ._. But Davichi was a nice surprise too :) I’m glad they’re holding on, they deserve it. Plus, I keep on watching their encore over and over again ^^ The 2AM/Suju boys are so cute, coming out and dancing with them ♥

    A’ST1 A’ST1 A’ST1. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time ._. I liked the performance, considering how long they’ve been on hiatus, but I think they could’ve gone without the slightly awkward dancing. I’m actually not sure, but I’m pretty sure it translates to “yearning heart” or somewhere around those lines. Maybe Candychu with her awesome new Korean skills could help us out? ;)

    • Jokwon is my BFF XD.

      “Yearning heart” Oooooo, yea I think that’s it, I remember reading something like that… A’ST1’s album’s coming out on the 23rd :DDD. I need to start learning names…… I think they did okay; they’re new, after all :) The dancing was um……interesting…. I never like DSP’s choreography, though :/

  4. A’ST1!!!!!!! Yay!
    I’ve been waiting for them for like ever.
    Yay T-MAX! Missed them too!

    Sorry to say, but AJ looks like a greaser with his long hair… I seriously wanna chop his hair off. But his song is good!

    • I didn’t know anything about T-Max until BOF XD. But I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally like the duet their leader did with the A’ST1 leader :)

  5. A’ST1!!!!!!!! <333333333

    I was so shocked that Suju didn’t win! I know that Davichi is good and all…. but considered the number of ELF… and the super hot performance… I still think that they should win O.o

    • I thought Suju would be no.1 for 13 weeks XD Maybe ELFs had exams…

  6. I think it’s safe to say Davichi is one of the best k-pop girl groups out there, they don’t get as much attention as they deserve, only two songs getting number one in their career span, at least people are recognizing them now!!! I feel bad saying I don’t mind Suju not winning if Davichi beat them
    :( but maybe next week they might climb back to number one again.

    • It’s okay, I’m sure the suju boys will get number one on other music shows ^____^ Yea, Davichi’s been around for awhile now, but I didn’t know anything about them till recently :/

      • omo how can I miss your edit on 2Am’s singing without music, those boys are love cause they actually do what they entered this business for…singing! the Confession song is stuck in my head I found myself singing the song to my korean friend and had to tell him I was just singing nothing else lol to tell you the truth I think I fell in love with Jo Kwon when I saw him dancing with wonder girls and had no care for what the world thought of him.

  7. OMG, finally! Someone else who doesn’t like that AJ song…I thought I was the only one. I mean, yeah, he’s got cool moves but that song is beyond boring, dude. But anyway…
    I was surprised Suju didn’t win either but it changed to happiness when I saw that Davichi did win.
    According to folks on AKP, the reason Suju aren’t winning as much is because the regular K-chart’s based off of digital single sales/mobile phone sales which Davichi does really well in; Suju, however, sells a lot of actual albums and that’s why they won last week, because the last K-chart of the month also counts album sales. So it’s not really E.L.F.’s fault – unless you want them to buy the single digitally and the album.
    I think the reason that SNSD did so well is because ‘Gee’ came off of a mini-album and people are usually more inclined to buy full length albums instead so a lot of people probably just bought Gee online instead of getting the whole mini-album. Well, that’s my theory anyway.
    Here’s an HQ Suju link:
    I didn’t like this performance so much – I kept feeling like something was off – and then I realized half-way through that they seemed really spaced out so it just didn’t look as together as it usually does. Cute waiting room though.

    • *hi5*

      I found “Dancing Shoes” extremely generic. It sounded really….dull? I mean, yes, he’s a good dancer, but the song sucks.

      Ooooo, I see, yea that makes sense. That would explain why Gee did so well. I guess in the end, actual album sales are better than digital sales. But I’m sure the boys will get no.1 again soon ^_^

      Thanks for the link :D Will go edit that in. Yea, I thought something was strange, too. But I just blamed it on Hyukjae’s white tights XD.

  8. OMG. I LOVE THAT A’ST1 SONG!!! It was on repeat for a while a few weeks ago. On my iPod, it says Missing Heart, but I don’t know if that’s 100% correct, cause I’ve seen another name, but it definitely has heart in it…I think xD. I’m kind of surprised Super Junior didn’t win too. I thought ELF was crazy powerful and could make anything happen, like keep SuJu #1 for like ten weeks in a row haha :DDDD.

    • Loooool I don’t know what any of the songs on OST2 are called (apart from ss501’s and the other english titles) *fails*

      It’s interesting cos the no.1 records have all been held by Jewellery and SNSD instead of the groups with the crazy fanbases like SJ and DBSK :/ But it’s hyukjae’s birthday today, so I’m sure the ELFs will vote like crazy to give him a nice birthday gift :)

      • And omg. KIM JOON!!! I can see more of him now!!! The guy who has the girly voice looks like a mix between Donghae and Sungmin. Although it’s kind of girly, I like his voice xD.

        • PRINCE SONG :D!

          The pixie guy, right???? Yea I like his voice too~ Was he the one in the duet?

  9. lol i forgot to hit COMMENT ON THISS THINGYY. lol super junior had another good performance. really enjoyed it (:

  10. T-Max’s leader is Minchul, the guy who is not the pixie guy and not Prince Song. lol Pixie guy’s name is Yunhwa. They’ve been known to be fans of Arashi, so maybe that’s why their backup dancers resemble those of JE’s? lol

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