Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 3, 2009

Big Bang + 2NE1 Lollipop MV

Video: Wondersmurf @ Youtube

Great, they changed their name to 2NE1 =.= Now I’ll have to change my 21 tag.

I love the song; it’s sooooooo catchy. BUT ARGH, MY EYES. WHY THE SUDDEN EXPLOSION OF COLOUR. I’m sure they wanted to go for a *bright!* look, but aaahhhhhh rainbow vomit :@And is that a CAPE attached to Seungri’s blue jacket? OMG IT IS, ISN’T IT. WHHYYYY. And Daesung’s pink jacket reminds me of the pink panther >”< But Taeyang’s blue shirt made me LOL XD. I liked one of the girls’ glasses (the massive black pair) but that’s cos I have the same pair in purple XD.

I think 2NE1 are debuting in May? I’m sure they’ll do well though; with YG’s training and GD as their producer, it’d be weird if they don’t succeed.

GD’s hair makes me sad .___.


  1. lol sadly, the only thing I find attractive is how Tae Yang and Dae Sung looks in here. The others are a bit too….flashy for my taste?

    The song’s really GDragon style I guess?XD
    I wasn’t really expecting a song like this when I heard them coming out.

    • I was talking to Candychu about how there’s a hidden meaning in this video; YG insulting SM. See, the first line is all girly (like SNSD) and then GD goes “nah, that’s not how we do it”.

      Just a guess.

      I thought TOP looked good. But he almost always looks good XD

  2. RAINBOW VOMIT. And wtf is with the ridiculous hair? D:

    Other than that, catchy song :D

    • I wonder how much hair gel was used in those straight-up ponytails…

      • I wonder how she could still dance and move around with that hideous thing on her head.

        • I bet they had to put wires in it. Normal hair isn’t CAPABLE of standing up that straight

          • that, or it’s a wig? if it isn’t a wig, her hair must be super long.

            • A wig? Ouch. Imagine how much it’d hurt with all the bopping around they do :/

              • It seems really tightly tied… or whatever they did to it. D: The other girls’ hair don’t look as complicated.

                • It was probably done to make her stand out….and they succeeded, cos now I refer to her as “girl with the weird hair” XD.

  3. lol the girl with the tall ponytail is cute and I have to give her props on actually wearing that hairstyle cause lord knows I wouldn’t leave my house looking like that and I wished 2NE1 sang more in this song

    • I wouldn’t leave my house dressed like any of them XDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I’m soooooooooooooo looking forward to their debut in May! YG said that they won’t be performing this song, though, cos it’s solely for CF purposes :(

  4. danggg the song is massively catchyyy. i listened to it like a gajillion times each day. at last we have a MV of it now (: i love the black shades with the yellow rims. they caught my eye the most. everyone else…well they caught my eye too..just not the cool way :D

    • That girl with the big glasses caught my eyes, but I think it’s because she has the same glasses as me XDDD

      I reaaaaally like this song. I’m sad they won’t be performing this :/

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