Posted by: lovediaries | April 3, 2009

Listen to… K.Will & Tiffany – A Girl Meets Love

{credit: f1am30n @ youtube}

Very pretty ballad ♥. Except, idk, it sort of sounds like the two are singing separate songs? :/. They sing one line together and there is very little harmonisation; but I’m still recommending it because nice duets are rare!

Another song on K.Will’s mini album “쇼핑” (Shopping) is the korean version of Top Combine’s “下一站永遠” (Next Stop, Forever), which is a song I LOVE  :DD. (paperteuk, thought you’d be interested to know since I know you’re a fan ^^). I sat there listening, thinking, “Hey…I’ve heard this song before …” and then it came to me :DD. Except it took me a while to figure out which ballad because K.Will’s version sounds slightly different ^^ and all of Top Combine’s ballads are as pretty as each other, so I get really muddled.

(Lmao, it looks like I’m pimping “Shopping” more than “A Girl Meets Love” XD.)


  1. *O* And I was THIS close to ignoring this post hahaha.


  2. Oh, I listened to Shopping just now – and it’s really a lovely song. Very pretty. The one with Tiffany isn’t so bad but I really think it would have been better if they had chosen someone with a stronger voice which could match better with his. And I mean, I really like Tiff and she did sound good and I’m glad she got this opportunity but I just don’t like this song as much as some of the others on the mini-album, like the one featuring Dynamic Duo.

    • You should try out the other songs from Top Combine’s MV; they’re all really good ^^.

      And yeah, I agree with some of the YT commentors saying that Tiffany’s voice sounded sort of “childish”; only cause K.Will has quite a manly voice. But yeah, not really my favourite song off the mini-album…but still worth sharing, I think :).

    • I really liked Top Combine’s version of “Shopping”. Have you tried it??

      I like Tiffany. I actually think she has the best voice in SNSD after Taeyeon. But yea, I don’t think any of the SNSD girls have the “strong” voice that would’ve gone well with K.Will’s :/

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