Posted by: beckery | April 3, 2009

Super Junior Sorry Sorry MV Dance Version

Credits: smentertainment @ youtube

WHY OH WHY IS IT BLACK AND WHITE?!!?!?! I was hoping the dance version would be coloured cuz b/w makes me feel dizzy hahaha.

You know what? I totally love dance versions of MV cuz you can actually see them showing off their sexy moves and strut their stuff, but I reckon SM should release a dance version focused on each member XDDD ROFL. Greedy much!?! No no but seriously, I realise that most of the time the boys are divided into like 2/3 groups, each group doing a different choreo or something, so wouldn’t it be awesome to see what each member is doing?!?!

ROFLMAO, Donghae looks like an emu or pecking bird during his solo dance part HAHAHA. IDEK!! He’s running out the front singing “gir gir gir girl” and then does this weird pecking move/walk to the corner where they only capture his back…I bet you didn’t get any of what I just said XPP Siwon sorta just ran out at 2.09 O_O Er why? Aww I just love the moonwalk bit and the spastic legs/bboy move afterwards XDDDDDdd



    • I still can’t see the whole thing properly but then again there are too many things happening at once that a dance version shot in only one angle isn’t enough. :\

      I’m kinda sad that you can’t clearly see who is doing what. I agree they should do a dance version for every member but I think that’s too much since there are 23918024783294173 boys in the group lol XD

      Does Siwon usually run off and come back like that in performances? I never noticed it o___o Also, Hyuk was supposed to do a high five-like move with Hyuk at 3:07 (you can see Siwon reach out) but Hyuk doesn’t return it LOL, which is probably why the editor decided to use the shot with the white background :D

      • *Hyuk was supposed to do a high five-like move with SIWON. I meant Siwon. DX

      • I checked the MV and in the second Dan Dan shot where they’re wearing black against white background I counted only 10. In 090322 Inki perf, Siwon stayed at the back.

        Aside from Kibum and Chul, I’m assuming Siwon really wasn’t supposed to be in that part as the uneven count ruins the triangle formation.

        …. I’m sorry, I have no life.

        • I KNOW! They should have shot it at different angles, full on front shot throughout is not the way. And I hate the black and white, I seriously could not watch it more than twice cuz I got all dizzy and nauseous. T_T

          Lol I guess that’s why I didnt notice all the stuff that you did. You sure got that MV down packed XP HAHA YOU”RE SO COOL, you even went to check the MV and the Inki performance for Siwon haha. Honey, its called studying, you should try it XPPP But hey I love procastinators so yea join the club XDDD

          • The single angle shot works only for groups like DBSK and SHINee because there aren’t very many of them lol.

            Well, this IS studying. At school we’re trained to notice flaws and whatnots in videos. XD

  2. You know, i just realised that Shindong is a really GOOD dancer. Like, he moves really, really well for a chubby person. His movements are really swift and fluid O_________O

    And KAT-TUN released different mvs focussed on different people in the group. The Jin one is nice :]

    • Um, have you like been living under a rock?! O_O Of course Shindong is a good dancer!!! And he’s lost so much weight now, we need to go steal his secret diet plan. Well I do, you dont cuz if u get any skinnier you’ll be a twig T_T

  3. Look:

    even when it’s not him singing, you still only see him XDDDD

    • Watched it. Lol. Jin is such a bad boy hahahahha XDDDDDDDD

  4. si won went back in at 2:17..I wonder what was he doing from 2:09..hahaah..Hankyung looks like rain when he wears those!!

    • Lol he was probably just standing around for his cue to move back in. Sorta pointless :/ Eunhyuk reminds me of rain more here cuz of his glasses and his clothes. lol.

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