Posted by: beckery | April 4, 2009

090403 2AM at Starry Night Radio

Singing 8Eight’s “Without a heart” I love this song! And omg 2AM does a absolutely fantastic job at it. They’re sooooooooooo good, it’s crazy omg. *____________* Talent, these boys have it! They are totally my new ear candy ♥♥♥♥ Well, Jo Kwon has always been Imop’s BFF cuz he’s just that awesome hahaha. Jinwoon does a great job at the rapping, and the rest of the boys pawn the vocals. Changmin and Jo Kwon’s (who looks like he’s in sorta pain throughout the song lol XD) high notes at the end are loooovvveeee!!!

Singing Falling Slowly Jo Kwon on the piano, Jin Woon on the guitar, need I say more? Go watch! Ohhhhhhhhhhh they’re singing in English too. It’s such a soft song, and Jin Woon sings really really softly so I couldn’t hear properly at first. But then they sing more loudly during the chorus and awwwww it’s such a pretty song.


  1. Oh, I haven’t watched these yet but I was wondering – have you ever seen 2AM’s cover of Baek JiYoung’s ‘Like Being Shot By a Bullet’? It’s really good! And it was like the first thing I heard them sing and I was really impressed.

    Here it is in case you haven’t seen it:
    By the way, I’m sorry I’m always replying to your posts and not actually commenting on what you posted about – sorry, sorry, I’ll try to stop.

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I HAVE!!!!!!!!!! I dont remember who I was spazzing to about it, either Candychu or PAS, one of them anyways haha. BUT I WAS IMPRESSED FOR REALS! I love that song so much and I thought they wouldn’t be able to pull it off, being a female song and all. But they did really really well. <333 Hence, them being my new ear candy hahaha XDD

      And it’s ok haha. I love getting random links. So keep them coming! <3

  2. Changmin is one very handsome man, love his glasses, he reminds me of mc mong but better, I must have a thing for guys named Changmin. Their “Falling Slowly” was better than the original! the original is nice and soft but this had more emph. I hope people don’t hate me for saying this…I crown 2AM the ballad version of Epik High! that coming from me might not mean much but they’re awesome.

    • “Mc Mong but better” HAHAHAHAHA WHAT? I totally see no resemblance what so ever rofl XDDD I love Mc Mong though, he’s made of all sorts of awesome. I adore Changmin too cuz he’s so adorable and can actually SING! I doubt that anyone will hate you for saying that darling. 2AM pawns vocally in my books. They truly are amazing and defo need more recognition <333

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