Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 4, 2009

2PM English Interview with Channel[V]

Video: Symbelmyns

I LOVE 2PM. They’re such idiots, it’s funny. I mean that in the nicest way possible; you’d get what I mean if you go watch some of their Idol Army eps XD.

Anyway, you shouldn’t have any excuses for not watching this interview. IT’S IN ENGLISH. For those who aren’t familiar with 2PM, three of them used to live in America (NichKhun, Jay and Taecyeon) so they’re fluent and it’s nice *___*

I felt kinda sorry for the other four boys…they looked so lost XD.

Some highlights for me

  • When the host asked them about 2PM and Jay replied “Well the stage is very hot, we make the stage hot, we make everything hot” loool I just found that funny
  • They had to answer who they would date from the band, and Khun and Jay picked each other. Khun: “Jay would teach me how to dance”, Jay: “Khun would buy me food”. ROFL. Great reasons XD.
  • When they had to rate each other, and Khun said “this guy’s just big” for Taec XDD
  • The host asked the other boys which Wondergirls song they liked best. Jay had to translate for Wooyoung and he said “he doesn’t like any of the Wondergirls’ songs :|” and Wooyoung looked puzzeled XD.
  • When Taec had to say a message to the fans at the end and he got lost, “yea…I don’t know what I’m saying” XDDD


  1. i kinda felt very awkward watching the guys behind khun and jay. i felt like really bad. i felt sad when i saw junsu just standing there, not understanding anything. i wish there was like a translator that was there so they got equal time to talk. but overall it was fun to watch. they are just fluent in english. i really love nickhun, he speaks thai, english and koreann. HE DOESNT EVEN LOOK THAII. 2PM♥

    • They looked so bored…..they should’ve gotten them a translator or something…

      Hahaha, Nichkhun is half Chinese. His mum is Chinese~ He mentioned it on “let’s sleep here tonight”

      • ohh lol. my comment sounded dumb then. haha i wonder where i said that frommm (:

  2. I don’t think I can watch this without feeling bad for the boys who can’t understand anything. ): Language barrier ala Xiao Wu and Siwon on Happy Camp is one thing but when they’re completely genuinely at a loss, it’s heartbreaking D:

    … although I’d love to hear Nick and Jay speak English *O*

    • Awwwww, I love xiao wu~!!! He’s so cute ^__^ But yea, when Top Combine and SJ-M goes on shows, people try to include them. Same with what the Korean MCs do with Hangeng when he goes on the shows.

      I love hearing them speak english *_* though it’s mainly cos I can understand without subs XD.

  3. :D!

    2PM <3333333 They’re so insane! Sometimes when I’m watching their Idol Army episodes, I have to watch segments twice to make sure I’m really what I’m seeing. Those boys are so ridiculous lmao.

    *glomps you*

    • SPAZZESSSSSSSS *picks you and and swings you around like Daesung did to Seungri on ‘intimate note’*

      Their Idol Army eps are HILARIOUS. Omg especially the ep with SHINee. NICHKHUN AND MINHO, HAHAHAHAHAA. I want to see them host something with suju…CAN YOU IMAGINE ALL THE CRACK THAT WOULD COME OUT OF THAT. Oh, and throw Jokwon in there with them XD

  4. lol I think the interviewer’s good looking.

    I love the boys speaking English but yeah, they needed a translator and let the others speak. Esp seeing my fav. boy Woo Young suffering was sad T_T lol. They’re so dorky and lovable though.

    • Hahahah I like the interviewer too XD. I think it’s the tattoos…or the fleshies *_*

      The others looked so lost…..they should’ve had a translator sitting there behind them or something :/

  5. OMG!! The MC is bloddy attractive with his sly smile and those arm tattoos he has a baby face too, Wah what a cutie! I wished the other 2pm boys had a chance to talk but Taec speaking english was hot

  6. Wooyoung looks so damn awkward in his solo-shots but gosh, Taek speaking english sounds so hot O_O

    Also, I think as a fangirl it’d be my wildest dream to have 2PM and suju host something together.

    • Have you seen them backstage at MTV Iggy? HAHAHAHAA IT’S SO FUNNY. Go youtube it ;P

      Have you seen 2am and sj-h on idol army?? It’s the closest they’ve come together…but it’s still something :D

      • YES OMG “Hi, my name is 2PM!”

        Yes 2am + sj-h is the closest thing we’ve got so far (but that itself was rather good), Kwon is just too awesome and Seulong having long leg hairs deserves a mention.

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