Posted by: lovediaries | April 4, 2009

Anycall Bodyguard MV

I’m doing this up in a new post cause they say this is like a spinoff from the drama lol. And it’s the full 5.30min version! :D.

{credit: wondersmurf @ youtube}

How do they expect me to concentrate on SHINee’s song when SoEul are being adorable as hell!?!?! LOLS FOREVER AT BOOM JUNPYO XDDDDD. Omg I think he’s my favourite Junpyo xPPPP. Well, maybe after Lee Minho :P. And alkjsfklsad the ending. DID THEY KISS OR NOT!?!??!


  1. BAHAHAHAH BOOM JUNPYO, omg he was hilarious!! his acting was so exaggerated haha
    Aww, no they didn’t kiss…!

    • YEAH LOL I love Boom <33.

      I’ll just pretend they did kiss ! I’ll have to finish watching BOF tonight~

  2. AHHHAHAHAHA LOVEEE IS IN THE AIRR♥. omgg i wasnt even paying attentiong that this was a CF. come on, this was like a part in the drama. i wish it was like that though sighhh. haha well lets just say they did kiss (: so cute. haha

    • YES THANK YOU! We so know what they were doing behind that mobile phone ;)

  3. Look at me, I’m still on ep 4 or something.

    ANYWAY, I think I rewatched Boom’s part 5 times :x because that got me more excited than anything else.

    • LMAO Boom is so awesome :D. Boom Junpyo ♥

  4. – i don’t know if it’s edited or anything :)) LOL.

    • :O THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. It does look sort of PSed but we can pretend its real :D.

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