Posted by: lovediaries | April 4, 2009

Bae Seul Gi – Tiresome MV & Comeback Performances

{credit: CodeAnalysis @ youtube}

Seeing Seul Gi’s hair depresses me so much because I went from hair like hers to … something really gross :'((((. WHYYYYYYYYY. Putting my bad hair story aside, SHE LOOKS SO GOOD *____*. When I first listened to the song, I wasn’t really feeling it, but the MV has definitely made me learn to like the song more ^^.  Except, it does sort of get really repetitive by the last minute haha.

Music Bank – Woah, did you guys see that move she did when she was holding onto the two mics O.o. She sounded sort of out of breath (even though she wasn’t singing the full song) but the choreo is really hot! And her legs omg *___*.

Music Core – She’s so pro here. Her mic at the back fell off? Lol you can see it swinging ahahha but she just fixed it (for about half a minute) and continued performing :D.

But then, I feel as if for many artists these days, they focus too much on the dancing in the performance but the singing plays just as an important role. I’m sure Seul Gi will improve with the performances to come ^^~.


  1. Okay so u posted this like a couple of days ago and no one commented it so I am gonna do you a favor :D

    so the music video was really REALLY COOL. but i dont totally dig the songg. great vid though, totally makes up for the suckky parts. shes also really pretty. love the hair (: but 4 minutes of it was like really longg. it kinda really made me want it to end -.- yeah and totally repetitive

    lol the title tiresome sorta jinxed her performance :D. she sounded really out of breath :D

    lol SHE WAS REALLY proo. she should’ve smiled though haha. she was all looking aroundd and stuff. her skirt was really tight too. it was riding up when she was trying to fix it. i give her props for fixing it so fast though. how can u even fit a mic in that skirt? amazingg♥

    i agree, i think they should focus on their singing just as much as they do dancing. i really hope she improves too :D

    • Lol aw, that makes me sad :(. Ah well. Kristen is busy so she’s not here to spazz with me.

      LMAO that’s so funny cause on that ep of SGB with the 5 members of FTI, one of the “senior singers” said you have to be careful when choosing your bandname/song name cause you might just jinx yourself. And it looks like that happened here hahaha XDD.

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