Posted by: lovediaries | April 4, 2009

F.T Island – Missing You MV

{credit: FTilove @ youtube}

MV was totally ruined because it’s mainly just footage from the HK movie “Isabella” (which came out years ago, might I add), starring Isabella Leong who is someone I cannot stand. Well, actually, I hate her lol. So yeah, WTH I DEMAND ANOTHER MV.


  1. is this their new single? i always thought this song was like an old song from them (: if it is, i must be very behindd. haha i’d say im very disappointed with this MV. I hope they do well performing it moree though :D

    • Um no I wouldn’t call it new anymore XD. This song is from their ‘Jump Up’ mini-album. They have a new Jap single coming out soon I think :S.

  2. Isabella was a very disturbing movie the father daughter relationship that wasn’t real in the end was creepy, I dunno why I watched it, but is it safe to ask why you dislike her? I don’t know anything about her except that she was in this movie.

    • Yeah I read the synopsis and was so confused with their “Father daughter relationship”. Idk, wasn’t she like a prostitute?

      Hahah yeah I dislike her mainly because she was so close to Kenny (you know from BOY’Z) and at first it was from jealousy but then all that news of her being a golddigger just made my dislike for her stronger. Also, she can’t sing or dance but came out with 2 (or was it 3?) CDs. Waste of resources, you know? XD.

      • oh I see, yes I dislike when talentless people
        are interviewed or shown on tv when someone
        better can replace them and make things better,
        I wanted to kill myself when Paris Hilton came out
        with a cd and shows actually played her song but
        yes I think she did play a prostitute but what
        drove me up the wall was that her character
        thought the guy was her father but still slept
        with him, thank god he ends up not being
        her father, I think, It was one of those movies
        where you fell like taking a shower afterwards
        and brushing your teeth as well as deleting your


          That’s so gross T__T. But yeah, apart from the having no talent thing, she was also really disobedient under EEG (the music company) and got punished quite a few times. So overall, I jsut have this really bad impression of her.

  3. i hate this MV. they should AT LEAST use korean movie, with normal love relationship btwn a guy and a girl. it such a waste seeing super good song is used in this kind of MV.i demand another MV! if not, better dont have any MV. huhuhu…my fav this mv…?i couldnt take it… T-T

    • I know T___T It was such a total waste of a good song. The movie is totally irrelevant, has a disturbing plot and its old =.=””

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