Posted by: beckery | April 4, 2009

Listen to…Jumper ft Ji Young (Kara) – Sparkling Eyes

Credit: 199urnobody @ youtube

My song of the week <3333333

This is Jumper’s 2nd single, since their debut and it features Ji Young from Kara. She sounds ridiculously cute here *jealous* haha XD

This song is more pop and upbeat than their first single. It’s really cute and happy! But like not in the Super Junior H way lol XP. At first, I was like “hmmm..” because it’s quite unique. Really hard to describe. It sorta meddles rap and talking and singing together, but it turns out really nice. I really~~ like Rocky’s voice. For me, Dongmin sounds really similar to Andy, it’s quite freaky haha, but he’s soooo cute *squishes him* XDDD

Can’t wait for the live performance and MV!


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS SONG. I had it on repeat ytd. It’s so.. Happy :)

    • I know right! I had it on repeat for a loooonnnng time when I first heard it. It makes me smile like this –> XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. Jiyoung was so cute on SGB :3. And yeah, I listened to the song too. It’s cute ^^

    • Lol, it makes me smile and bounce along. Not in a Suju H way haha XD

  3. i loved their debut song (: i love how they sing so good live. its almost like really addictingg (: haha love this songg :D its a different twist from their first song. haha cant wait for them to perform it :D

    • I liked ‘Yes’ too, it was very catchy. But I sorta like this song more cuz it really makes me smiley haha. They are pretty good live, for a new group. Especially, Rocky *_____*

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