Posted by: lovediaries | April 5, 2009

090327 SuJu on Let’s Sleep Here Tonight

Subbed by sok663 !!

Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part5.

I was youtubing the whole of yesterday after my exam lmao so I really need to go and do some more study now but I started watching the first part and they go to SJ’s dorm (the upstairs one since they visited the downstairs one last time with SJH). Teuk, Shindong, Donghae, Hankyung, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk are on this ep but Ryeowook and Eunhyuk actually live in the bottom dorm with the others. Since Ryeowook was in China during SJH activities, he wasn’t present and came upstairs this time. THEN WHY ISN’T KYU HERE TOO, HUH? He’s soo cute because last time, one of the “noonas” laid on his bed and he said “It’s the first time a girl…” and they’re all ???? and he hid his face lmao cause none of them are actually girls XDD.

They’ve been on a craploads of variety shows lately lol not that I’m complaining, but I still have a week before my Easter break so ;~~~; argh, I won’t be doing proper recaps.


  1. FIRST! YAY. xD
    I watched all of them then I was like.. WHERE’S PART FIVE?! *searches youtube*
    Then I realised there was none. *facepalm*
    I should learn to read better. xD
    That was so cute~! Ryeowook composed a song for the noonas and it was funny. lol. (you’ll see what I mean)
    And Donghae and Leeteuk and Shindong looked so cute as children~ (as if I haven’t already seen those photos a million times already. xD)
    and Leeteuk has a strange fascination with white.. O.o and Hankyung has a biiiig room in comparison to the others. I love the cross-stitching. lol.
    The food looked good. *_*
    And Eunhyuk eats people’s leftovers. lol. Shindong eats at Junsu’s pizza place, and Ryeowook eats a lot more than we think he does. :))
    I will not spoil more~! cept that Donghae srsly is very emotional, even before they mention his dad. *pats Donghae* he’s very sensitive. lol

    • I’ve just edited in the last part so I’m about to watch that. I *___* at Hankyung’s room too. He gets the most spacious one! Maybe cause there’s only one bed, but still! And his bed was the biggest too! BIAS MUCH!??!

      I loved the part where they all talked about Donghae, it was so cute. And his fascination with Teuk’s lame sense of humour wit was so darn adorable :3

      • OH YAY! PART FIVE. <333
        I SHALL WATCH EVEN IF IT’S 12am over here. ^^ <333

        • It was basically the Teuk & Hae cut ^^

  2. the videos were erased. :( where do you think i can watch it? :>

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