Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 7, 2009

2AM + 8Eight Collab.

Video: 2am @ Youtube

I’d just finished my essay and was checking my f-list before bed when I found THIS.


I would write that in bright pink and sparkly font if I could…but WordPress doesn’t let me do that :(

Anyway, WATCH IT. IT’S SO GOOD. ULTIMATE EAR-CANDY *___________________________* It’s 2AM and 8Eight singing each others songs together. First they sing 8Eight’s song (don’t know the title, but the mv has Sohee) and then they sing 2AM’s Confessions of a friend. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Their voices are SO SO SO SO SO SO AWESOME. Don’t know the name of the 8Eight singer, but I love her voice *_________*

The person in the leather vest next to the girl is 2AM’s leader, Jo Kwon (Imop’s BFF), magnae is the one standing, playing guitar, the other two members Changmin and Seulong are at the back being dorks (with good harmonizing skills XD).


I’ll reply to comments tmrw. It’s 2AM and I need to go to bed =.=

Heyyyyyy, it’s 2AM!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Ok I need sleep.


    had to write caps too because that was awesome!
    esp now that i’m starting to really like 8eight’s song.

    and i ROFL @ seulong and changmin’s moment at the back window. hahaha
    changmin with his SHOE-PHONE. hahaha

    and oh, why would i forget JINWOON!! looking effin’ hot on the guitars.

    damn, 2AM. more exposure!! damn, these kids are underrated. :c

    • I’m glad you liked it :D

      Rofl, I didn’t even notice the phone was a shoe XDDDDDDDDDDDDD


  2. lol the irony writing a post about 2AM at 2AM and lol at the dumbell/phone at the end, figures since they have nicely sculpted bodies, along with the english, which was really well pronounced! I was surprised there was no diva moments from Jo Kwon. I can’t keep but looking at Seulong’s tiny head compared to his body and was that his high ptich singing? I couldn’t see who it was. Changmin is so cute and funny!

    • YAY, you appreciated my ironic moment, haha XD.

      Jo Kwon is actually really manly when he’s singing *_______________* But when he’s not…..yea…….oh well, he’ll always be Imop’s BFF :D

  3. XDD aww changmin and seulong are such dorks! So cute :D
    8eight has amazing voices…I still like me some leader =]<333

    Jin Woon is just so cute/hot at the same time. Noona’s so proud of himXDD

    lol it’s weird how the girl and Jo Kwon blend in perfectly with each other.

    • I don’t know who the 8Eight leader is XD

      Jokwon can out-diva any girl XD

  4. they sound so good. they should do alot more of these, their voices matchhh so much :D


  5. *smashes keyboard* whroiewohqoiruioauroq

    YOU SHOULD HAVE WOKEN ME UP FOR THIS!!!! ROFL jokes, I got your msg about watching the best thing ever but I was already half way to la la land and I couldnt even move to msg you back hahaha.

    But omg soooooooooooooooooooo good. SEE Good ear candy right there. That is some pawnage harmonisation skills <33333 I liked Confessions of a Friend slightly more than Without a Heart, but both was so amazing…Did you see Jo Kwon tell Changmin to go higher? It was spontaneous collaboration and it was that awesome, DUET NOW!!!

    And omg Magnae *__*

    • I tried to record this using audacity…but then my dog was barking and it ruined the clip DDDD:

  6. Oh damn! I need to start paying more attention to both these groups. *Sigh* getting into new fandoms is so tiring^^ lol.

    2AM are such dorks <3

    • Remembering names is hard :/ It took me MONTHS to remember the suju boys’ names DDD:

  7. *jumps in completely unrelated*
    You guys should watch this. ^^
    it’s 2PM Idol Show featuring After School
    It’s really nice~ Jaebum! <3
    -shall watch 2am & 8eight soon-

    • I saw that! Well, the parts that are subbed, anyway XD. I think my favourite part was Jay’s dance XDDDD Though I was so proud of Junsu for doing a rap :D

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