Posted by: lovediaries | April 8, 2009

2pm – Upcoming Album Preview

{credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube}


According to this video, there seems to be a lot to look forward to :P. “Every person shouts a certain word, continually.” I’m most curious about that! Aaaaaaaaand, also very curious as to why Seulong said to watch Chansung carefully … DUNDUNDUUUUUN.

April 16th is not too far away!


  1. Sooooo excited! 2PMMMMMMM

    I can’t wait for this comeback! I’m pretty sure Seulong’s hint has to do with Chansung’s hair ;D

    • Yes, I think most of Chansung’s hair is gone, judging by the teaser.

  2. lol damnn it felt like their other single barely came out and now they’re onto another one. IM SO EXCITED. cant wait for themm (:

    • Lol serious? It feels like it’s been a while XD

  3. I’m pretty sure Chansung got a haircut, it better not be another crap style (actually I was just warming up to his samurai hair)

    • Samurai hair =.=”.

      They all have like the same hair lol.

  4. Ahh, feel the JYPfamily lovee~
    I always think they’re so close to each other, just like smtown :)

    • I’m sure they are ^^. There’s just less of them xD.

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