Posted by: lovediaries | April 9, 2009

Bae Seul Gi – Big Show Mini-Album Review

I can’t find a song preview for the Intro but there are links to all the other songs!

01. Intro – I think Seul Gi is trying to sing as many English lines as possible in this mini-album XD. Not that I’m complaining because if she can film an English movie, she’s definitely capable of singing a few lines in English too :DDD. But anyway, it’s a nice intro :). I probably like intros with singing as opposed to just instrumentals :/.

02. 지겨워 (Feat. 하주연 Of 쥬얼리) – I’ve already commented, I’m okay with this song. It’s actually not too bad but a lot longer than necessary and gets too repetitive.

03. DJ (Feat. 마부스) Cute but I probably wouldn’t listen to this song on repeat. Ever. XD.

04. 내게로 와 – I like this more than “Tiresome”. It gets pretty techno-fied sounding, but the song is likeable and definitely less repetitive than “Tiresome”. It’s catchy and more tolerable than “DJ”. Good song, basically :).

05. 내 사람이 돼줘요 (With 브라이언 Of Fly To The Sky) – I LOVE ME SOME DUETS. I didn’t really expect anything when I heard Seul Gi was having a duet with Brian because … well, I’ll admit she’s not the best singer. So I was definitely pleasantly surprised after listening to the song because their voices actually go really well together. It’s a very pretty ballad. Fav song off the track for sure!

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