Posted by: lovediaries | April 9, 2009

What time is it?

Click to enlarge!


oooooooooooooooooooooooooh, that site was so cool. I thought it would stay blurry til the comeback lol but the image becomes clear in the end. There should be a “Replay” button. ::EDIT:: LMAO I’m a total loser and didn’t realise there was more to the page. Scroll down, people, for, er, messages from fans ^^;;.

I’m sorta confused. I thought Taec was the one behind Junho but then the one at the very back can’t possibly be Chansung so then I looked closer and the one behind Junho is Chansung, right? So then does that mean it is Taec at the back? Cause he looks really different. That guy doesn’t look like any member O.o They pretty much all got mohawks :/. Can’t really say I’m a fan, but Jay does have shiny bits in his hair :D.

p.s Khun’s (henna) tattoo says What goes around, but it actually looks like What gots around. Teehee~


  1. HOTNESS!!!

    I’m a little disappointed with the haircuts though because they ALL look the same! It took me so long to figure out who was who in the background. Taek looks so much like JYP it’s scary O_O

    But none of the cuts are super crazy (I’m looking at you G.Dragon!) so it’s all good :D

    These teasers are driving me crazy…

    • Yeah, the hairstyles ARE all the same XD. Jay’s hasn’t even changed all that much except for the colour and the gold bits :/. I also don’t really like the positioning of Junho’s tat XD. But ah well. I’m still so excited :DD

    I love how fandoms keep pouring us with comebacks and debuts these days :D

    • I only love it when I’m not busy XDD!

  3. DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. That was awesome and PRETTTY. And they let you download the flash! OMG *O*

    They all look like they have headaches lol and I’m having even more trouble figuring out who is who XDDD BUT OMG MY NICK-BABY♥

    The uniform haircut doesn’t really upset me since they all look good anyway :D

    Why do they all have to have henna? I like my boys clean :\

    • I KNOW ! I thought that was all sorts of awesome :).

      LMAO THEY DO! Of the migraine-y, painful sort. But…I thought I already told you the tricks to learning their names :/

      • Yeah, you did. Based mostly on their hair. -o-; And now that they have almost the same hairstyle, I can only tell Jay apart from everyone XD

        • What about Junho!?!?! The Rain-but-cuter-x100-one! And you will now know Taec as the JYP lookalike. wth happened :(.

          • I thought it was Junho. But I can’t be too sure :\

            …… Poor Taec. XD

            • Junho has the tat on his neck :(

              • I’m trying to figure out what it says. Can you tell? O:

  4. HAHAHA, what gots around!

    Anyway, slightly slightly disappointed that they have the same haircuts (and that Taec is looking like JYP in the back) but at least Chansung doesn’t have an ewww bun and Junsu doesn’t have a fug bowlcut.

    Whatever, can’t wait for 16th, or for the video teaser on the 13th!

    • Someone should get ditty tattooed. “Ditty what he said” :DDD. OMG JAY SHOULD! hehe.

      Taec as JYP is worse than Chansung having the-guy-from-Mulan hair. But def. YAY for no fug bowlcut :D.

      • LOL DITTY WHAT HE SAID… I’m thinking right across his abs :DDD

        Shang > JYP, Shang isn’t even that bad looking


          I always click on the first link (via my inbox) and I thought I went to reply to your comment and, um, Shang, is it? popped up and I went O_________O WTH!?!?!? ROFLMAO SHANG AHAHAHHAHA. Is his last name Hai? BUAHAHHAA. And yes he is. He’s my least favourite Disney hero … cause he’s ugly LOL.

          And no!! A tat across Jay’s abs would ruin them. maybe lower?

          • HAHAHA, at least it didn’t link to that mudkip website (I’m going to abuse the knowledge that you click the first link now, so watch out for my links).

            you mean his legs?

            • Omg, I remember that link >:(. Yeah thanks for the warning, I’m gonna be careful from now on.

              …yes, of course.

  5. You know I *thought* I finally knew what they looked like, but all my hard work just went boom. D8 I can see Jae and Junsu, but how you guys told the rest apart in wierd poses and darkness I don’t know…

    Sigh..I’d actually come to like Chansung’s long hair. And I usually hate ultra long hair on guys.

    • Is it scary that I figured out Chansung was Chansung by his nose? Well Wooyoung is in the back but it’s not like his face is hidden in the shadows. You can actually see everyone’s faces pretty clearly (minus Taec who IS NOT TAEC D:<) :D!

      • I guess I just fail then.^^ Still excited though!

        Random question-what does “ditty” ^ mean?

        • It’ll get easier soon :D.

          LMAO um, it’s actually ditto. But I’m total fail and I keep typing ditto as ditty EVERYWHERE and making a fool of myself. It’s sort of like a personal jk so you’re probs thinking “…that isn’t funny. Not at all” XDD.

  6. Mm I’ve come to accept your *special* brand of funny.

    • LOL well don’t I feel *special* ;D

  7. im gonna always say that im impressed with jay’s hair all the time. especially that time when he shaved it to say 2PM. i thought that was pretty coo :D omgg i love that picture, not really liking the preview cuz like basically it sounds like them asking us what time is it and who they are :D but i totally cant wait. please say those are only temp tattoos :D

    • Lol yeah that was pretty neat~ Yepp they’re just henna tattoos. I almost had a heart attack when I saw them xD

  8. Haha! I’m so fail! Chansung is my favorite and I can’t even recognize him… well… I did know that it’s him b/c I can recognize all the others except Khun, and since you say that Khun is the one w/ the tat, so the other one must be Chansung :D

    I can’t wait! April 16 seems so far away!

    I couldn’t see the others clearly, but I actually like Jay’s hair though ^^

    • LOL But…Chansung got a tattoo too XD.

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