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090402 Super Junior on Song Battle

I was going to throw everything in this post but I got really carried away with the Song Battle lmao XD.

0402 Song Battle : Imitation Round Cut – The members split into the Super Voice Team (Teuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Donghae and Siwon) and the Super Body Team (except we don’t see them ^^;;). Siwon imitates Andre Kim (the designer who paints his hair aka the creepy one). I’ve never heard Andre Kim talk before but judging from everyone’s reactions, I guess Siwon was quite spot on :P. He’s then asked to imitate Joo Hyun (who the?) and his voice totally changes. LMAO, DON’T HIT HIM, TEUK!

Teuk then says some lame joke about Yesung originally being called Yenen (itll make sense in the vid :P) xD. Yesung does a puppy sneezing AND LOLOL HE SOUNDS JUST LIKE ONE. OMG SO CUTE!!!111. ROFL AT THE SHIBROWS. Kyuhyun is just like “I do not know this guy” ^____^.  Yesung then imitates Street Fighter LMAO. Everyone is laughing AT Yesung at this stage. Omg, Teuk’s laugh just makes the whole thing a billion times funnier XDD.

Everyone seems to look forward to Kyuhyun’s imitation. Sung Si Kyung has gone to the army, so Kyu sings one of his songs ^^. And wooooah he sang just like him :DDDDD. (When will his SGB ep be subbed!??!?!) Donghae doesn’t get a turn >:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((. BUT THEN Siwon imitates Hwanhee and WOAH *_____________*.

Song Battle : Kyuhyun Cuts – According to the video description:

Kyuhyun beat the other members and became the champion of the night, going against sungmin in the final round. It was a battle of the roommates.

KYUMIN ARE ROOMMATES!?!??!?!?!?! OMG I NEVER KNEW. This is like, the next best thing to having EunHae share a room *______* BUT YAY, KYUHYUN WON *happy dances*.

This is subbed, btw! They ask what Kyuhyun’s role in SJ is and he says “I have charismatic height” ^___^. ALSO A VERY CUTE GIGGLE! He’s so embarrassing in a charming sort of way XD. Kyuhyun then sings Park Hyungbin’s “Shabang Shabang”. THE LYRICS ARE SO GOOD LMAO. JISUN IS SO FREAKING LUCKY. She gets like EVERYONE. Jonghyun, Onew, Donghae and now Kyuhyun T__T.

Cut to the semi-final round, I think. Kangin does a cheer for Kyu and D’AWWWW his “Hwaiting~” was so cute :333. Kyuhyun sings a song I don’t know lol but his voice is so … magical *____*. Sungmin dances with him but then gets pulled away *stabs Hyuk*. AND I JUST NOTICED, IS THAT BOOM WITH THE BROWN HAIR!?

Later, Yesung is asked what he thinks he’d get first for in the group and he says his voice. Then Kyu goes “I have a good voice too” YOU DO INDEED. So then, THE TWO HAVE TO VERSE EACH OTHER LAJFSLKJFLKJDFKLJF. Yesung does an intro and asks for support for SJ’s 3rd Jib. Kyuhyun…imitates Sung Si Kyung’s “Good night” XD. Kyuhyun of course wins this special award and he walks out BEAUTY PAGEANT STYLE LMAO. Why has it taken this long for him to get the limelight on variety shows!?!?!??!?! Jisun’s sign “KYUHYUN, GOOD NIGHT TO YOU TOO” made me LOL IRL.

In the final round, Kyuhyun has to sing Sechskies’ “Couple”. Boom is so cute with his conducting…stick (?) ^^. Jisun sings a bit and she’s holding SJ’s CD with Kyuhyun’s photo open AHAHHAHAHHA. Stop stealing all my boys aljdfldjflkjf. ♥♥♥ @ Sungmin being Kyu’s backup vocal and LOL @ Hyuk and Yesung dancing along XD.

Kyuhyun then chooses another song and has to sing Left Hander’s “Panic” Panic’s “Left Hander” (thanks for the correction rose!). No idea who they are XD. WHY IS HE SO AMAZING? He’s making me fall in love with every song he sings lmao.

Kyuhyun then wins (CONGRATS, BB!!!!!!!!) and gets to say a winning speech. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s that Song Hye Kyo lookalike who picked Kyuhyun from Star King! She’s here too ;~~~~;. She has nice legs. I bet Kyuhyun totally likes her T___________T.

But omg, I can’t believe Kyuhyun and Sungmin sleep together! Like, in the same room. :DDDDDDDDD.


  1. Yes, KyuMin are roommates. So are YehWook, the last time I checked.


    • THEN WHY AREN’T EUNHAE TOGETHER? And does Kangin live by himself? Like they write in fic

      • Yeah, Kangin lives by himself. I guess that’s better for the neighbors, because he makes a lot of noise lol

        • But I remember he used to live with everyone else :(. As if it wouldn’t be lonely .. especially since he has such a packed schedule, it’d be better coming home to a not empty apartment.

          • He used to live with everyone else (on the 11th floor) until sometime last year? When I left Soompi, he was already living by himself.

            … lol that sounded weird. XD

            • YEAH LMAO that sounded so strange XD

  2. eunhyuk hve its own room n donghae shared wth teukie. eventho i really wanna eunhae to be in same room but its oke coz teukie wll tke a good cre of hae. hehe. n btw, u got to watch the whole epi eventho there’s no subb coz sungmin is totally good too juz he forgot the lyrics. i was totally fall in both of their voices when watching the episode.

    • Yeah I saw that on “Let’s sleep here tonight” but I never watched the episode before with SJH, so I didn’t know ^^;;.

      Aw yeah maybe I should watch it all then. I saw a Sungmin dancing cut! But I didn’t hear him sing :/

  3. Omo omo omo…roomates…fantasizes! I loved the Kyu and Jisun moments because most people would just turn her down but he actually interacted with her, such a sweety!

    • LMAO yeah Kyu was really sweet dancing with her and saying good night and all that XDD

  4. lol i watched the first cut a while ago and it was so funny. lol i love yesung..hes so cute and funny lol.

    kyu is so cute. hes soo shyy hes like covering his mouth every time he speaks :D so cuteee lol. gosh i cant stop laughing noww. ISNT THAT LADY the one from where she stalked shinee? on that noona show where she went to their dorm and put a bunch of pics of her on jonghyun’s and onew’s beds? dude i swear its she gives me bad memories (:

    • I know! Kyu will say something and then be all *hides and gigles*> HES SO FRIGGGGGEN CUTE.

      And yep, that’s Park Jisun haha. SHE GETS EVERYONE, I SWEAR XD.

  5. Is it possible to have a happiness overload? Kyu is finally on variety shows after all this time and he’s just so cute and handsome and funny and *delirious sigh*

    • I KNOW. I’m so happy for him that I’m smiling continuously when I watch these shows :DDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  6. Kyuhyun is such an adorable guy!
    Guh, his voice makes me melt XD
    Jisun is so funny, she had me laughing hard.

    And it’s actually, “Left Hander” by Panic. Panic are the duo who wrote “Snail,” the song Kyuhyun sang on Yesung’s radio show a long time ago. They were hella popular in the 90’s. One of them, Lee Juk, hosts Ten Ten Club radio. The other one, Kim Jin Pyo, is still kicking around in the business too.
    Snail performed in 1995

    • Okay, so I totally fail XD. Thank you for letting me know. Oooooh I know “Snail”! I have Kyu’s version somewhere on my computer. It’s a really nice song :).

  7. This is SORT OF insignificant, but i thought i’d mention it anyways…you know on the invading the rooms thing? donghae talks about how his dad had this favorite song and how super junior t (i think?) had the opportunity to perform on the same stage as the singer so donghae decided to drop on by to watch… BUT when the singer started singing his dad’s favorite song he had to leave because he started crying too much. that song that kyuhyun sings after kangin’s “hwaiting!” is the same song. i only noticed this because i JUST watched the invading the rooms thing right before i started the singing battle.

    the thing is, like, you can totally see donghae’s reaction and it was like…aww jeez..this must be hard. I’m assuming that hyuk pulled sungmin away from kyuhyun because 1) it was distracting and 2) he probably thought it was disrespectful to donghae. it starts around 3:18 on the kyuhyun cuts just in case you wanted to know =]

    • Ohhh! So that was the song! Thanks for letting me know ♥. Aw, poor Donghae :(.

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