Posted by: lovediaries | April 10, 2009

090409 Super Junior @ KBS World Expo

{credit: lovecubic @ youtube}

They’re in cream, white and grey. Donghae has ugly pants :/. And the dinosaurs on display are really distracting LMAO, especially the pink one XD.

They perform “Why I Like You” and “Sorry Sorry”. I’VE MISSED WILY!!! And d’awwww at Ryewoook’s smile at the end ^_____^. But neither performances were performed live =.=”. Focus on Siwon at around 3.56 … how good is his body *_______*. And Hae changed the timing of his crotch-grab; I almost missed it :D! I don’t think he should’ve changed it though, because he has to freeze straight after and LOL idk, his hand looked awkward XD. Buahahahhaha~ (The ending looked rather sad with no Heechul and his wicked grin.)


  1. Yay! I missed Why I Like You. I really liked their outfits, and I’m happy Eunhyuk doesn’t have the super high socks anymore. This performance seemed a bit reserved though. And I missed seeing Heechul’s appearance :(.

    • ME TOO! Reserved because it wasn’t LIVE? Possible?

  2. lol so cute, i actually liked the crotch grab although i couldnt really see it, but still ITS Hot. they did so great haha:D

    • I dled HQ and watched it :D

  3. this made me realize just how much i actually look forward to see heechul at the end :(
    and too bad they’re lipsync-ing, their performance just doesn’t have as much roarness compared to live :/
    the dinosaurs ARE distracting!! i started counting them halfway through the video XD

    • I know! Without him and his evil grin, it just isnt the same :(.

  4. Near the end… does Hyuk usually join Hae in that weird skipping-and-bending thingy?

    *hasn’t watched everything. was just checking if the download completed ^^;*

    • Hyuk mirror-ed Hae’s steps in their perf on March 29th. Im not a creep and remember everything that happens and what day it happens on lmao but I just watched that perf (since I dl and lost it in my folder until today XD) and saw them being twins :).

      • Ah. I just download stuff and end up not really watching everything lol.

        But I think it’s not really part of the choreography?

        • Well since they only started doing this recently, probably not. But it looks awesome-R this way :). You know I love my Eunhae ;)

          • Of course. ♥ XD

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