Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 10, 2009

Lee Minho Dunkin’ Donut & Cass Beer CFs

Video: hoonfami @ Youtube


According to Candychu, he said “delicious” in Korean near the end of the video XD. Though all I heard throughout the whole thing was “frosting!…..frosting!” but I think it’s meant to be “roasting” ^_____^;;;

Damn I want a donut now…..KRISPY KREEEEMES *____________________*

Video: pocketfulofsmiles @ Youtube

Don’t like the ponytail :/

But askdj;sdhgkjafh;waehfslkjvn at the dress-up scene. I WANT TO TAK HIM HOME AND DRESS HIM UP DDDD: I love his new hairstyle. I’m gonna miss the Goo Junpyo curls (still haven’t finished BOF XD) but his hair in this looked so nice and fluffy *_*

But seriously, who would take Lee Minho home after a night of clubbing and PLAY DRESSUPS WITH HIM?! That’s sooooooooo weird. Congrats to him for attempting dance, though :D. Tbh, I think it looked awkward but yay for him for trying new things ;)


  1. Even though I don’t like donuts that much…he can sell them to me any day ;D.

  2. lol totally dig his cf for donuts. haha its so interesting how koreans advertise american things…it turns out different :]

    okay so i likeed the first part of the cf and once he got on his whole like ponytail and makeup and then the dance scene made me feel awkward. i like the dress up scene the most (:

  3. I don’t like donuts too but coz of LMH Donuts look “Mashita”

    Is beer Cf abit long? though he looks cool I don’t like that CF

  4. DID U SEE HIS POUT?!?! XDDDD *melts* gah this is so cute! considering i’m not rly fond of him in BOF *ahemWooBinahem* :P

    I wonder what’s the purpose to make a cf in mv-length.. ;~;

  5. lol I heard “donkey” buahaha but the beer commercial is very sexy, he should leave the dancing and heavey make-up to jessica gomes, I do admit even though I don’t watch BOF this guy is very loveable and handsome!

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