Posted by: lovediaries | April 10, 2009

Super Junior – Gag Concert, Come to Play Preview & Kyu on ETN

090405 Gag Concert : Boys Over Flowers Cut – I watched this the other night ^^. Donghae, Teuk and Sungmin come out as F3. They leave when they find out who Geum Jandi is LOLLLL. The, Hyuk comes out of a drawer. He’s so cute aljfsljfkjdf.

090406 Come to Play Preview – Teuk and Kibum are missing :(. It’s sad without Teuk there saying “WE ARE…”.

090409 ETN Kyuhyun and Yoo Young Sook Interview – Taken from the video description:

News clip of Kyu recording with singer-song writer Yoo Young Seuk for the latter’s 20th Anniversary album. :)

alskfldjfsljfldjljf. You can read the full article HERE on sj-world. Um, is it alright to take out of that forum? I’m too scared to lmao. Basically, Kyuhyun was picked for his beautiful voice :). They did that interview half way through recording so Kyuhyun was apparently very nervous ^^. But yeah, CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO BE RELEASED :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.


  1. Unless it’s specifically said that you can’t take it out, you can but don’t forget the credits. :)

    I’ve been trying to download the garden village school part of the gag concert thing to no avail. I’ve Twittered enough on it, obviously.

    • Yeah I guess; but I’m still scared XDDDD.

  2. lol the gag thing was so funny :DD haha wish everyone was there though (:

    lol cant wait for that whole show to be subbed :)

    omggg ur always so kyu biased arent you :DDDDD but then again, he is very good looking

    • TEACH ME HOW TO NOT BE KYU BIASED. Hahaa well of course it isn’t just cause I find him reeeeeeeeeeeeally good looking. It’s a lot of other things too :D.

  3. I find myself falling in lurve with each Suju member all over again. Except for Kibum cause HES NEVER THERE! Come back deliciousness!

    • I started watching Super Show the other day (I got up to like the 4th performance?) and I was like “Omg, wow, Kibum actually DOES STUFF”.

      • For real? I gotta see that! I love Kibum but I feel like I haven’t *seen* him since Full House(where he was too awesome.) Where is he again?

        • Well he did the “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” in the Don’t Don intro :D.

          Um, right now? No idea XD.

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