Posted by: lovediaries | April 11, 2009

090410 8eight @ Lee Hana’s Peppermint

I’ve gone and done some research i.e searched them up on wikipedia 8D. Lee Hyun is the leader & male vocal, Joo hee is the female vocalist and Baek Chan is the rapper and vocalist.

Part 1 – “Without a Heart” (lmao I had this written on a page of my korean homework and my friend was like ‘LOLLL you have no heart?’. Okay, it was funny at the time XD). HD is so spectacularly awesome.

The performance was great but again, the breathing was slightly irritating. Except, the breathing was pretty audible on the studio version anyway so it wasn’t like a live performance would’ve been any less breathy ^^;;. And even though the MV was sort of strange (especially when Sohee just shattered lmao), I still really like the song. I get all goosebump-y watching it lol.

(I don’t know if it’s just the performances I’ve been watching, but does Lee Hyun crack every time at the end? Or is that intentional? XD)

Part 2 – This is just an interview. I…have no idea what they’re talking about so I didn’t watch the whole clip ^^;;.

Part 3 – They perform Alicia Key’s “No One” (I love that song! One of the few western songs I actually know), Eminem & Dido’s “Stan” and “I sing, having lost love”. Baek Chan sings in “No One” and does the rap in “Stan”. I…could not understand a word of the rap lmao but he’s still cool! It was really cute how at the end they got the audience to stand up and “uh oh oh” with them haha.


  1. I feel the need to point out that when we attempted singing No One at karaoke, we ended up with sore throats. It was like the whole booth was gonna fall down any second.

    Anyone who can sing that song and not sound like a dying pig is awesome.


      I love Joo Hee’s voice. She’s a really good singer :D.

  2. “One of the few western songs I actually know”
    hahaha, that made me laugh

    Anyway, the breathing was rather annoying at first but I figured it was for stylistic purposes and just let it slide, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE Without A Heart.

    • HEY. Don’t laugh at me …

      Yeah you do get used to it after a while :/.

      • I wonder if you live under a western rock more than I do…

        • You know, that’s funny, cause if you live under a western rock, you’d technically be “in contact” with western stuff. But I know what you’re trying to say.

          And yeah, my rock is definitely bigger than yours. Like, the shows you watch, I don’t even know what they are. (Except for, of course, the super lame ones like H&A and Neighbours.)

          • Hey, don’t be dissin’ H&A and Neighbours (they just got this girl from China in Neighbours but idek why). I feel proud that I’m not the biggest rock-dweller I know.

            • I remember when they had that asian on Neighbours. Do you remember her? I think she was from NZ? She had an interesting accent. She was originally dating Jack (cause she always went Jeck) but then ended up pregnant with Conner (was that his name?)’s bb.

              SHUT UP. I’m cool in my own special ways >:/

              • Yeh, you used to/ still do(?) watch neighbours? But my sister said that this girl was actually from asia and everyone was like “how is Australia?” but she speaks english so idk. Also I love NZ accents they’re so funny!

                • Yeah, once upon a time I went home and watched ABC kids til 6 then I watched Channel 7 and 10 up til like whenever. Ew, I was so gross D:

  3. i think with such an awesome voice Joo Hee would’ve noticed at how clear the breathing is. so maybe it was intentional but i’m not sure whether it was intended to be annoying too ;)

    and they *are* amazing right. i just wish Baek Chan gets to sing more cos’ he’s got some amazing vocals too. he used to sing more when they were still in MBC Show Survival i think. maybe they figured the 1 male vocalist+1 female vocalist+1 rapper would work better for mainstream Korean.

    • so maybe it was intentional but i’m not sure whether it was intended to be annoying too

      LOLLL Probably no to the latter XDDD.

      I think 1 male vocalist, 1 female vocalist and 1 rapper works really well. And it’s more awesome if they could all do both haha~

  4. Mm…I only watched No One cuz I’m lazy and I love Alicia Keys. Joo Hee’s voice is good, but the rapper…should either sing lower or stick to rapping.

    “I had this written on a page of my korean homework and my friend was like ‘LOLLL you have no heart?’.”
    You’re taking Korean classes? So jealous. I’ve gotten nowhere teaching myself b/c there’s no pressure to learn. :(

    I totally have to nod and smile when my friends talk about stuff sometimes since I live under a Western boulder and have no idea who some of these people are. Is that wierd since I’m not even Asian?=P

    • LMAO I was wondering why the rapper was singing in a … not-appropriate-for-him key XD.

      Yeah I am but it’s actually really hard T_T. Harder than Japanese, anyway. Grammar makes no sense and there are too many rules.

      Haha yeah it’s probably weirder for you :PP.

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